The Return of The Harp

Return of the harp.

Well tonight it was back into the small room as there was a few more diners so with a bit of judicious table sorting we created a bit of space for the harp and took our seats. Last time the blogger mentioned me having a Christy Moore night and tonight was more of the same.

Blogger started with “So do I” a la Christy Moore in as much as we both sang it and played the guitar but sadly there the similarity ends. Next up was yet another Christy Moore song. “A Pair of Brown Eyes”

Barry up next with his familiar country style “Paying your Dues” by Carl Jackson a song that mentions my favourite car a Morris minor. Barry has a great selection of guitars and tonight it was a beautiful Gibson that got an airing His next offering was a classic, the first time I heard this it was on an album “The Long Black Veil” by Lefty Frizell  and a good version it was, 

Graeme’s turn and it was a Guy Clark number “That Old Time Feeling” next we had a song nitro ducked as 25% of the Beatles and 50%of the deceased ones, well as was noted that narrowed it down as Graeme gave us his rendition of John Lennon’s “Jealous Guy”

Next up was Phil who trying to drown his sorrows as our beloved city held Bolton youngsters to a 1-1 draw earlier, and as he performed his song city won on penalties!!!. Best let him know! “ Rock On” (My Old Mum)a self penned number was his first offering. Next up was “I Fought The Law” A Song from The Clash!  From their 1978 E.P Here it was been given the Phill treatment on a 12 string, great stuff!

A Welcome tonight to the first of our returning Muso’s  Mike Craig. Mikes first trip was a song called “All Shades of Blue” by Gregory Allen Isakov an American performer. Mike’s second offering was an uptempo number “Me and Jiggs” by Josh Ritter. Welcome back mike it’s always nice to welcome you back!

Our resident Green councillor next in the form of Andy Brown, now Andy has a definitive style and tonight he gave us a Dylan song a la Dylan and it really suits his voice and style. “ It ain’t me Babe” from Dylan’s Before The Flood.

Andy finished his first spot with” Walking in Memphis” by Marc Cohn in 1991

Our second returning Muso was in the form of Frank The Harp who tonight was sans his sidekick Julian, his first offering was “The Willows” what a lovely tune. After a bit of throwing levers about Frank  then played a tune in F “Eleanor of Usann”  a Phil Cunningham composition.

That brought us to the end of our first half and after a quick beer and toilet break we were raring to get going again.

Blogger up again with a song made famous by Liam Clancy of The Clancy Brothers “ The river Tay Song” this was followed............ wait for it....... another Liam Clancy number “Home from the Sea’

Back to Barry with a rendition of “Loving You” by Hugh Moffat. To round of his spot we had another Bill Anderson number”Close The Door Lightly” Well eventually as we had a bit of a hiatus resulting in a take two situation. Well done Barry.

Back to Graeme for his second spot, one of my favourites “King of The Road” by Roger Miller accompanied by Frank on the harp- great  stuff! Graeme rounded off with another Guy Clark number”L.A Freeway” a great song! Cheers Graeme.

Phil again relieved now that City had won on penalties, another self penned number”No Justice” and to finish another rousing song “Faraway Boys” by flogging Molly.

you can go home happy Phil C.T.I.D

It falls to Mike now for his second slot of the night “Pay me my money down” complete with key change, the third one of the night and accompanied by the throng in the chorus. To round off his spot tonight we had “ Midnight special by Creedance Clearwater Revival and by Sonny Terry and Brownie McGhee  Great stuff Mike.

Our penultimate act tonight with Andy Brown with a finger picking song but no key change this time” Long hot summer” a self penned number. Andy finished with in his words a less miserable song an Otis Reading number “ Hard to handle” Great stuff Andy

Frank then finishedoff the night with two O’Carolan tunes “Planxty Irwin” and “Eleanor Plunkett and Whiskey accompanied by Blogger on guitar.

what a lovely way to finish the night..... but wait..... a full on version of “Brown Eyed girl “ featuring everyone. What a great night Thanks everyone and see you in a fortnight


Posted on September 3, 2019 .