Four Stalwarts


I arrived from Crosshills dead on time, but no Brian and Kath ?  Soon I was joined by John and James (separately) from Skipton and Graeme from Ilkley.  It emerged that our captain and captainess had had quite a day of it entertaining in south Yorkshire so were unavailable to make it.

All the rooms and tables were full so for the first half hour we chatted by a huge log fire until the place almost emptied within half an hour and we four 'regulars' moved to the front room where a swift vote to elect me as the blogger took place.  'Mand' loaned a pen and so this writer started to take notes for his first ever blog on the only scrap of paper he could find.


Graeme started the proceedings with a John Prine song 'The other side of Town' written about a nagging wife. His 'Collins' guitar never sounded better and Graeme's lovely finger picking style was exemplified on a Nik Finn (him of Crowded House) number 'Don't Dream- it's all over'.


John followed with 'Rope stretching Blues', a Blind Blake song with mixed syncopated blues and a touch of Flamenco on his fine sounding 'Yamaha' cutaway guitar.  This was followed by a Richard Thompson song 'I miss understood' in dropped D tuning.


Now to me... with a Carter Stanley song 'If I lose', a song of a gambler whose wife always has the money to bail him out.  A good bluegrass song that is better with the banjo and the harmony vocals.

Next a Bill Anderson song 'Close the door Lightly ' that I learned from a 1970 Dillards record but it was queried where it had been heard before.  Maybe it was when I last did it on the 3rd of March, when by coincidence I last brought my BlueRidge guitar to the Swan.


James up next to complete our first round, with a Bob Marley number 'Redemption Song' followed by the U2 song, 'I still haven't found what I'm looking for'.   James's trusty Epiphone cutaway guitar always sounds well particularly when he plays those sliding barre chords that he is renownedfor.   Funnily enough I had intended to do that song myself but James got in first – and he does it better anyway !


Round 2 continued Graeme's John Prine featured artist nightwith the sad but so true song 'Sam Stone'.  As a contrast his next was an Al Stewart song, 'Midas Shadow'.

John followed with a Lennon & McCartney 'B' side  of Ticket to Ride entitled 'Yes it is' . Much discussion followed regarding the songs 12/8 time.  He followed with a Mississippi John song 'Candy Man'...not to be confused with other songs of that same name.

Your blogger for the night came up with two Gordon Lightfoot songs 'Minstrel of the Dawn' and 'The Pony Song' – the latter not heard since the session before last (!) and really done for Mand who (like my wife) likes that song.

James again in Bob Marley mode 'Satisfy my Soul' followed with a Hank Williams song 'Honky Tonking' which was surprisingly new to my ears.  But, in his so short life he did so much.


After the break we launched in to a third set with Graeme doing a Rick Kemp song from the Dangerous when Sober album ' On your own again'.  Some guy by the name of Michael Chapman was mentioned?   A request from Mand chose the Bob Dylan song 'One More cup Coffee'

John having gone, I pushed followed with two songs of mine – 'Carolin at the Broken Wheel Inn' and the Hugh Moffat'Carolina Star'.James closed the night with Paul Simon's 'Me and Julio down at School the Yard' and Elle Jenkins 'Wake up Little Sparrow'.

As always we had a good R&R jam with Graeme this time doing a good job of 'ALL RIGHT' which the rest of us really should rehearse before next time.  Our backing vocals could have been better but......I had had a 19 hour day and was ready for bed.  It was a good night though!!!


Barry C. Lane

Next session - 1st October


Four Stalwarts

Posted on September 20, 2019 .