Top Ten at The Swan

Well its that time of year again when people are returning to the country and to the session, we had Helmut on his biannual trip from Aachen and the return of the two johns back from tax exile. A New face in the form of David Kilvington.
John N was first up tonight. In a break with tradition. The Rolling Stones :Dead Flowers was first of the bat and ably assisted by the assembled throng on the chorus. Paul Weller’s “ Brand New Start” was next and a great version it was, well done John.

The Human Jukebox next with James! First up was a Leo Sayer number “ One Man band” a hit for Leo in 1974 and a hit tonight for James. This was followed by a Christie McVie number Songbird and having heard Her last version of this song on TV, I have to say that James was more tuneful and a better performance.

The second John next and prior to John D taking the floor, he was quick to remind us that when he turned up with the original iPad and was inanely jealous of the one I am currently typing on as it is like a Mac Book Pro.

John D was in country Mode this evening and we had a Kenny Rogers number “The Gambler” we were glad he brought his Martin tonight as his guitars are renowned for knowing different songs. a great version nonetheless. Well done John. His second song was a Jim Croce number “You don’t mess around with Jim” great songs JD

Our visitor from over the water next with Helmut who resides in Aachen, his first number was “ It’s Good to See You” a Don Williams number. I see a thread developing here in country modes. A Rolling Stones number “Angie” which was definitely different with a German Accent but a great version though. A Big welcome back Helmut for all at The Swan!

Our 12 string specialist was next in the shape of Phil usually replete with a neck hanging Harmonica. First up was a Bruce Springsteen number “ Aint got no Home”A la Woody Guthrie. Phil is one of the few guitarists I Know that has an affinity for Marc Bolan and T Rex, and tonight we had “Jeepster” which is full on when played on a 12 string. Well done Phil.

Our resident finger picker was up next as Graeme settled his guitar and iPad to regale us with yet another hit. First up was “ Ferry Across The Mersey’ made famous by Gerry and Pacemakers and given here the Graeme treatment. Brilliant! Graeme’s next song was a North American number a la Duke Ellington“ Don’t Get Around Much anymore” A rather fetching Jazzy number, We’ll done Graeme!

A New face now having accompanied Barry to the pub this evening. David Kilvington, now what an entrance with a classic number “Try a little Tenderness” an Otis Reading hit from 1966. What a good start! To finish off his first spot what better than “ Autumn Leaves “ by Joseph Kosma (1945) and covered by such luminaries as Frank SinatraNat king Cole and Eva Cassidy to name a Few. great stuff David.

Our resident country picker up next as Barry strapped on his recently acquired Gibson to give us “ Early morning Rain a Gordon Lightfoot number from 1966.
To finish off his first spot Barry gave us “ Bitter Green” (1968) a classic Gordon Lightfoot number and performed tonight with aplomb! Well done Barry.

Blogger up next with a song accompanied by only a Bodhran, the last time I tried this the beater went flying.” Where The Blarney roses Grow with a bodhran solo. The first spot was rounded up with a Liverpool folk song “ In. My Liverpool home’
To round up our first half we had our resident Green councillor Andy Brow. we shot across the country to Sheffield to a classic 80’s number “Dont you want me baby’ by Human League. This was followed by a follow up to the song a number of years later. “As. If they were still lovers”
Well done Andy and with that we had a brief break.

The Second half started once more with john Nixon and this time it was another rolling-stones number” Better move On” John rounded up with a reggae version of The Police classic “Roxanne “ excellent version John!

Back to James Porter with a jimmy Miler song aka Ewan Macoll “Dirty old Town’ and to round off his spot a touch of Mcguiness Flint “ When I’m Dead and Gone”

John Daure up next with his second set and to begin we had “ Simon Smith and his amazing dancing Bear” by Alan price (1968) and tonight Brian I will be Alan Price so said JD but it was actually written by Randy Newman. to round his performance off we had a James Taylor song “ Fire and Rain” Well done John, playing is definitely gone up a few notches!

back to our friend Helmut again with a Leonard Cohen classic “So Long Marianne” albeit a shorter version to finish his spot off we heard a Bob Dylan number “ One more cup of Coffee” Welcome again Helmut, thank you for popping in and please have a safe journey home.

12 string Phil again with “Red at Night” by Brian Fallon of Gaslight Anthem. A classic to round up with “I Saw Her Standing There “ by the Beatles great stuff Phil.

We were promised by Graeme a trip to North America earlier in the night but his song was sung by another protagonist so we ended up in Manchester “ Bustop’ by The Hollies a great substitute and we then headed for Colorado and a John Denver number to round off his spot with “Sunshine” Great round up Graeme.

Back to David now and a jazzy number “ Love is The Greatest Thing” by Al Bowly (1932) great jazzy sounding song. To finish what better than a don McLean classic “Vincent” Well done David and please call back again soon!

Resident country singer Barry now on his roundup! A further tribute to Gordon Lightfoot, first up was “ Ten Degrees & getting colder” and to finish “The Ponie Man” Great stuff Barry!

Back to the Blogger, First up was a song from a band Goats Don’t Shave” Closing Time” to round up a whistle tune by Finbar Furey “The Lonesome Boatman”

To finish off our session for the night it was back to Andy to see us home. his penultimate number was “ American Pie” another Don Maclean number and the final number of the evening was “ Bobby Magee” Well done Andy!

What a great night! Thanks to you all!

See you all in two weeks BCW

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Posted on August 6, 2019 .