The Return of the Fab 4 as predicted by Graeme


I was worried that I was going to be the only one tonight but thank god three other stalwarts turned up to put me at ease.


Phil (this week’s scriptwriter)  Barry  (the king of country)  Grahame (king of the bandstand) and James (the human jukebox)

Plus occasional player Mand plus 2 other keen supporters from Asquith (I think).


James kicks off tonight with Bob Dylan’s I’ll be your Baby Tonight from the 1967 John Wesley Harding Album followed by Paul Simon’s

Take me to the Mardis Gras from the 1973 Album There Goes Rhymin’ Simon.   Great start.


Yours truly (Phil) next with one of my fave and lesser known Bruce Springsteen songs/ Terry’s Song. From the 2007 Album Magic

About the loss of a great friend.


Barry on next with a song called It’s Bad by the unusually spelt Wyatt McBBin (?) and Jason Hurvey. Sorry couldn’t find any other info.

Followed by Lost Highway which was written by Leon Payne in 1948 and was covered by Hank Williamsand Billie Halliday. Great stuff Barry,


Graham finished off round one with underrated John Denver’s song Goodbye Again, and an unusual second.  Can’t Get you Outta My Head by Kylie Minogue.

A Great version by Graham.


Round Two


James with Will Parkers  How could I feel like this which I believe was also recorded by Karl Wallinger of the Waterboy’s,  followed by Kirsy McColl’s

We will never pass this way again (1991) FROM THE Album Electric Landlady.  A talented Artist Kirsty who we lost too early.  Great version James,


Phil next with a Bolan double bill.   T Rex acoustic number  Spaceball Ricochet from the classic Slider album (1972) and first number one Hot Love (1971)


Next Barry with Darling Corey a trad arr, and was released by the Weavers on their Album in 1957. This was followed the better known 

Song Song Blue by Neil Diamond from the 1972 album Moods. Good stuff again.


Grahame wrapped up round 2 with 2 fine songs Grahm Nash  Myself at Last from the 2016 Album This Path Tonight and America’s Horse

With No Name which was released in 1971. It was the band’s first and most successful single. Topping charts in USA/


A quick Fire Round 3 followed.


James with Ewan MacColl’s  First Time Ever I Saw your Face from 1972. Roberta Flack also did a version of this.


Phil . A Rock and Roll mix of BeBob a Lula (Gene Vincent) which Lennon covered on his Rock and Roll album.  and I Saw Her Standing There (Beatles)


Barry next with A Song for Life by Rodney Crowell


Grahame finished off with a Hemingway’s Whisky by Guy Clark from the Album sometimes the song writes you  (2009)


Then big Rock and Roll Finale Jam.   Rock and Roll Music  and Johnny B Goode wrote by Chuck Berry.


Good Night for All.




Posted on July 22, 2019 .