Eight is Great

 Eight is Great.

You wait forever and two buses come along and tonight it was harps as Frank and then  Frances turned up with a harp each. Then lo and behold incomes Franks band partner Julian with his very expensive accordion. Our usual band then ambled in.

Blogger kicked the night off with a Christy Moore song “ MyLittle Honda 50” this was followed by a Peter Sarsdedt number “ Where do you go to my lovely”

James up next with another classic from an era where it is stated if you can remember it , you weren’t really there.  “Woodstock”  and then he hits us with a country number, now this is usually the domain of Barry who  was sitting opposite James gave us a Hank Williams number “Hey Good Looking” I don’t know who he was looking at as he sang this song.


The long awaited return of Frances and her first number was an O’Carolan number. “ O Carolans Welcome” very impressive the new harp sounded great. This was followed by another O’ Carolan number O’Carolans Concerto” a great rendition and Frances playing was on a different level to when she last attended one of our sessions. Well done Frances.


The singing stick was then passed to Andy who gave us a reggae song apparently two octaves lower than the original and in a not altruistic reggae beat but a great song anyway and “ Many Rivers to Cross” by Jimmy Cliff. This was then followed by a Johnny Nash song “ I Can see Clearly Now”. That ended our Reggae spot which was a first and a very different slant on the normal fare we are used to.

Graeme up next and  had us all guessing as all he would give us was the initials of the artist ND had us all foxed, however it was a brilliant ballad and I have to admit my mind was a blank but was a very soulful  song. “ Play Me” which we were then informed was by Neil Diamond. This was followed by a Fleetwood Mac number, “ Need your love so badly” Great Stuff

Barry was next in the circle and as an aficionado  and performer of all things country , his first number was, “ I give you music” by Dennis  Akin. Barry’s next offering was “ You Dont even know Who I Am “ 

 By Gretchen Peters who played Keighley a while ago. Barry bravely carried on as Mand took her seat having just arrived.

Another blast from the past next in the form of Julian who forms one third of the band “ One Accord” and further round the the table was another third but more about him later. First up from Julian  on his new accordion , which looked fantastic by the way, was “Unicorns “by Bill Caddick this was followed by a song “All the Tunes inThe Worldby Jesse Linder this very nicely segwayed into another O’Carolans tune “Planxty Fanny  Power” one of Kath’s favourite tunes.

To round up the first half we had the aforementioned player from the trio, one Accord and the second  player this evening to play the harp Frank whose nom de plume is ............... wait for it.......... Frank The Harp! I had the privilege of having a Frank’s assistance sorting my own harp out and was very pleased to see him turn up along with Frances tonight. Frank’s first tune was “  Lady Eleanor Plunkett” this morphed into a couple of tunes the first was “ Farewell to Whiskey and the final one-was” Saint Mary’s Polka “ ably accompanied by Julian on his accordion.

To round up our first half we had Phil and “Jack of all Trades by Bruce Springsteen, this was followed by “ Who Do Think You Are” and as well as playing the guitar he had percussion on his arm as he performed this self penned number.

The second half started with a poem by Jim Owens and put to music this evening by the Blogger it got a once through about 45 mins ago “ Somme “ performed tonight in honour of the men from the Ulster Division who were slaughtered on the first day of the  Battle of The Somme” This followedby Vin Garbutt number “ Wings” it’s just over a year since we lost this fantastic singer songwriter! 

James back  on then with an Elton John number, “ Rocketman” another track from the human jukebox. To finish his spot tonight was” Watching the Detectives” by Elvis Costello.

Back to Frances and her harp and her penultimate number was a tune made famous by The Clancy Brothers and “ The Parting Glass” was a great song and done tonight as a great tune. Frances then rounded her spot off with “Castle Kelly and The Musical Priest” two reels and known to the Blogger. 

Back to Andy now and this new guitar is getting some playing “Redemption Song “ done by both Bob Marley and latterly by his son Ziggy. Andy finished his reggae spots with a non reggae song “ What Shoots Up” a self penned number.

Graeme again, and this time it was an RS number “ Angie” by The Rolling Stones. To finish off Graeme chose an Al Stewart number “ In Brooklyn” Not one I knew but thoroughly enjoyed well done Graeme.

A country Gentleman next, Barry with a lovely Martin guitar and “Hello Stranger” by The Carter Family and as Barry explained they stopped recording in 1941 but were resurrected with the 60’s folk revival. Round up time with another Carter family number” Jimmy Brown the News boy ” one way to make sure no one pinches your material Barry :) 

Julian on his second time around with”Fields of Athenry” a great Irish Song but here we had a parody of this standard fare for many a pub singer. Great version Julian!  I have asked Julian for the next tune and tonight was the night. To finish his spot off Julian played my funeral song and by that I mean the song I will be carried to my resting place to “. A Highland Cathedral” Brilliant and Thank You.

Frank now and a Johnny Cunningham number “ Night in That Land” and to finish “ Willows” by Johnny Dyer. Great stuff and really nice to see you both and Frances!

Phil to finish off a great night of Swan Acoustic Session with firstly “ Frigga went Courting” and finished a great night off with a RockN Roll Medley

Thanks everyone for a great night


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Posted on July 2, 2019 .