Brexit sensation!

It certainly was, as no one mentioned the word Brexit tonight (although I did mention a Revolution and Andy sung about Barricades) so on with the show we go.

Seven performers tonight, though Kath was saving her voice, possibly for other shows. We were joined by Mandy later giving us six plus two audience members. This was after we had seen off the people who were originally sat in the small snug. They did actually apologise and gave suitable reasons for leaving after the first song was aired.

Brian: ‘Seven Drunken Nights’ Well I thought Brian was after an early night when he changed it to five, but it seems that the original version was Scottish, titled ‘Five Drunken Nights (Our Goodman)’ still I always think it suits an Irish accent best.

‘Molly Malone’ this is definitely Irish and takes me back to singing in junior school

with Mrs Thompson (a Hattie Jacques double) I still remember being amazed by the amount of flesh hanging over her high heeled shoes as we sang.



Blogger: ‘We’ll Never Pass This Way Again’ A Kirsty Maccoll song about leaving a lover, possibly after a one night stand. A Damien Rice song next ‘9 Crimes’ a song about cheating on a partner, as the ninth Commandmentsays ‘thou shall not covet thy neighbours wife’



Andy: ‘Do I Still Figure In Your Life’ a Joe Cocker song, new song to me but a good soulful ballad anyway. I always loved ’Delta Lady’ by Joe.

Another Damien Rice song next, ‘Cannon Ball’this is a good song for Andy to do, and just a great song to me. Some people say his songs are a bit depressing (Damien that is). To me it’s all about emotion and delivery.

Please checkout how he finishes his concerts with a song called ‘Cheers’ and a bottle of wine, It’s both funny and sad.



Gloria: ‘When I First Came To Caledonia’ not Scotland but one of Canada’s Maritime Provinces Nova Scotia which is Latin for New Scotland. A song set in The Caledonian Coal Mines. An old tradition song it seems,but new to me and it was a very nice one too. Seems to be about a man who went mining and likes a woman who makes good tea, also he likes another but puts his brandy first. Good song anyway.

The next song was a new one again for me but seemingly traditional Irish.In my shorthand notes I have ‘Bellaghy Fair’ ‘it was good though.



Barry: In fine country picking style tonight gave us ‘If I Needed You’ by

Townes Van Zandt. Not a singer I know apart from Barry’s fine renditions and occasionally Mike Craig does one. Next a firm favourite from my liking of any early Elvis song ‘Mystery Train’ actually written by Junior Parker in 1953.



Phil: ‘Cadillac’ by T.Rex. I am a big Marc Bolan fan but didn’t remember this until I heard Phil’s version. Good stuff.

Next a self portrait of the artiste called Phil. ‘I Remember When I Was Young’

A self written song of his life and it seems like he had a good one, I think.


Brian: ‘Don’t Let The Sun Catch You Crying’ credited to Gerry and his Pacemakers.

I think Brian was quite young when the Merseybeat era started but I know he likes the message of this song. AGood song this but it’s not to be confused with the Louis Jordan song of the same name.

Next‘The Magdalene Laundries’ by Joni Mitchell. A song about the so called ‘Fallen women’ in Ireland, they ended up confined in these Roman Catholic Institutionsin Ireland. Mass graves were later found there. Not a song his partner Kath likes to hear due to it sad harrowing story.

Blogger: ‘Maker Of Islands’ by Mike Heron of Incredible String Band fame. Probably nota well knownsong, as I am just choosing my personal likes here, but I am hoping to make some of them familiar or even likeable.

Next The Beatles ‘Revolution no 1’ the slower album version as opposed to the rockier version on the flipside of ‘Hey Jude’ I did hear some backing vocals going on so I think that was a more popular song choice.

Andy:‘Through The Barricades’ my favourite Spandau Ballet song. A song inspired by love prevailing in the troubles in Northern Ireland

‘I know I Shouldn’t’ another self penned song from Andy. Yes we often know we shouldn’t but we sometimes do.

Gloria :’The Grey Selkie Of Skule Skerry’ a traditional folk song listed as Child Ballad 113. Set in Norway about a woman who has her child stolen by its Father who has the power to transform from a seal into a human.

Next ‘Wheels Within Wheels’ I thought this title sounded a bit political but on hearing it I realised it was a song that I had heard Gloria do before which I thought was called ‘I’m So Glad’. Hearing it again I think it’s more about reaching some kind of self empowerment and being happy about it.

Barry: One of Barry’s many train songs next. ‘Wreck Of The Old 97’ about a train disaster in 1903. Drives along nicely this song and no Barry didn’t wreck it.

Next ‘The Halfway home Café’ surprisingly written in 2001 it features overheard conversations from a café that tell a story. First recorded by Ricky Skags

Phil: With a very catch song from Bryan Adams ‘You Belong To Me’ quite a recent song for SAS this one 2015. Next another self written song from Phil ‘Gravy Train’

A song where everyone mainly Politicians get it in the neck from Phil.

Well it was an early night finish after all as Brian called time after requesting an encore from Gloria. I do understand that some people have to get up for work in

the morning (I’ve been there, got the tea shirt etc.) Up The Workers I say, anyway the last song was a cracker ‘I’ve Just Seen A Face’ it was great by The Beatles and also great by Gloria, she does it fast but so do The Beatles and I have seen McCartney do it live a couple of times.

Well hope to see you all next time.

James P.

Posted on April 4, 2019 .