Compact and Bijou

Kath and Brian  

Kath and Brian  

Welll there were a few more diners tonight but we managed to ensconce ourselves in the corner and one by one we saw them off.

Blogger up first with an old traditional song “ Johnny Jump Up a cautionary tale of cider drinking. Any more than a quart and you were beating all a round you This was followed by “The Flower Seller written by Harry O’Donoghue an Irish emigre now living in the states. A song of lost love and “ White rose for new love, Red rose for true love and violets for love of the past



Our resident jukebox James with a country song “ He’s in the jailhouse” usually accredited to Jimmy Rogers and associated with the Vaudville era,now, I hope he’s not stealing the thunder from our resident countryman Barry. Next up from James was “The Honkytonk Blues “ Well done James.



Phil up next with his 12 string and harmonica with a Bruce Springsteen number “Terrys song” a song he wrote for the passing of his roadie. Next up was a classic played a la Dylan with guitar and harp “ Knocking on heavens door, great stuff Phil.



Next up was our resident country player Barry who can regale us with stories of playing in country bands for the past 61 years and that’s a lot of history. First up was “ Ride Me Down Easy” by Billy Joe Schaffer. These are story songs and this is a common theme in the country genre and we didn’t have any chicken wire! Barry’s next offering was an Eagles song “Train leaves here
This Morning” this morphed into a Cole Porter song “Hey Good Looking “ This was made famous by Hank Williams. Well done Barry.

Kath up next with a Bonnie Raitt song also covered by Edwina Hayes “ Feels like Home to Me” accompanied on guitar by The Blogger. Kath has had a chest/throat problem but felt ok to sing this evening. Glad she is on the mend now.


Second half then, Blogger started with a traditional number attributed to Hamish Imlach and made popular by Christy Moore” Black Is The Colour”This was followed by a Goats Don’t Shave number “Hills of Donegal”

James now with a Terence Trent Darbynumber “ Sign your Name” a great version. This was followed by a Ewan Macoll song or Jimmy Miller as he used to be known “Dirty Old Town a song about a dirty mill strewn town of Salford. Great versions James.

Phil up now with a Flogging Malloy number “Far Away Boys” After borrowing James guitar we had a self penned number from Phil “ Who Do You think You Are” Sounded great Phil.

Barry up for his second spot now, and “ On your Way Home by Matressa Berg.
At the last session Graeme who unfortunately can’t be here tonight was trying to remember the next song from the album of the same name “ Long Black Veil” from the Chieftains with the Stones and other stars.

We then elected to do another one each
Kath had decided that she didn’t want to spoil anything with her voice so politely declined another song. We then coerced her to a great Scottish song “ Ye Jacobites where she ably provided the harmony with the Blogger.

Blogger Then did a traditional song and one that has achieved notoriety as the best liked song re prostitution there is “Raglan Road”

James on his final track and a Carole King number, “Way over Yonder” great final song James.

Phil now to do his final number and this was “ All I Want Is You” a U2 number. Not what I thought it was called.

Barry now had the honour of winding our compact but bijou gathering and to finish Barry gave us a Song from 1884 “Hard Times” collected by Stephen Foster

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Posted on March 19, 2019 .