Holiday Time

 I’m writing this short message from the beach in Santorini where I am in the second week of my annual holiday, Graeme has very kindly sent me the pictures of this weeks musicians at The Swan in Addingham.

Graeme, Barry, James, Phil and John  and Andy and I will post when WiFi allow



As Our Skipper was away on holly’s I suddenly found myself with a pen and paper in hand and was morally obliged to do my duty.

With the aroma of fish and nerks wafting around the main arena the small team tightly was camped in t’uther room.

Graham took up the Skipper’s mantle this week and kicked off with a Ralph McTell number called The Girl from the Hiring Fair which I believe he originally wrote for Fairport Convention. This was followed by a song by Steptoe & Son, or was it the Rag and Bone Man “Only Human”. This was a superb version by Graham. He really did it justice.

Next on track was our King of Country Barry singing a “Whispering“Bill Anderson song Chasing Demons. The was Followed by an excellent version of the Elvis Song Mystery Train which was written by Junior Parker in 1955 and recorded in Sam Phillips studios.



Next was John who was on seriously good form with James Taylor’s You can Close your Eyes which can be found on the album Mud Side Slim and the Blue Horizon.(1971) , The song has also been covered by Linda Ronstadt and Carly Simon over the years. Next song needs no introducing Beatle George’s classic Here Comes the Sun from the classic Abbey Road Album. Cockney had a major hit with this in 1976.

Next was the Human Jukebox Mr J Porter. He rattled of a couple of goodies. I wish I never saw the Sunshine by The Ronette's in the 60’s or alternatively covered by Beth Orton in the 90’s.

This was followed by a 1973 single by Gallagher & Lyle - Jesus Save me. Well done James.

Next on was Andy withan Elvis Costello number –theclassic Shipbuilding. This was written by Elvis during the Falklands war in 1982 and appeared on the Punch the Clock album which is in my record collection somewhere. Robert Wyatt also did a well-known version of this song. Andy’s Anti-Drug song next with the Verve’s classic Drugs Don’t Work which you can find on the album Urban Hymns.



Yours truly (Phil) next debuting a song Freedom which is a follow up to No Justice about a friend of mine who had a bad time a few years ago. This was followed by my song The Gravy Train which was based on the expenses scandal a few years back, but with some artistic licence.

End of Round One- Phew

Back on for round two was Graham with Leonard Cohen’s Famous Blue Waistcoat off his 1971 Album Songs of Love and Hate. The king of country requested a Michael Chapman instrumental which Graham expertly obliged albeit with aUNnamed but different one by the same.

Next on the Country King Barry told us to Ride down Easy written by Billy Jo Shaver and covered by various country artists including Waylon Jennings in the 1970’s. Followed by Live Forever (not the Oasis song).

John had now disappeared after his tiring day in Morecambe (I believe). Graham managed to snap him on the way out but it appears as though wasn’t vain enough to do a selfie. Barry need not apply though for the photographer’s job after not doing himself justice previously!



Andy played an excellent self-penned number I Found My Freedom followed by Mr Cohen’s classic Suzanne.

Next On was James who to my delight was on Elvis C duty again with the classic watching the Detectives. He is a great songwriter and I enjoy delving into his old work on Vinyl.



Yours truly next with my “Monica “version of The Clash Rockabilly Song - Brand New Cadillac which written by Vince Taylor in the 1950's. This was followed by my own anti-drugs song who do you think you are?

And then to round 3

Graham. - A Great Version of the Bellamy Bros hit from 1976 Let Your Love Flow which Tom Jones covered in the 90’s



Country King Barry with Rodney Crowell’s- Song for Life from the Album Aint Living Long Like this in 1978. Good stuff again B,

Andy- Grammy Award Winner Marc Cohen’s classic Walkingin Memphis from 1990. Great Stuff.

James- Kept me happy with Bolan’s One Inch Rock of which I have many versions of. It is a short song and James does a fine job.

Phil-Mr Zimmerman’s Knocking on Heaven’s door.

Graham led the final singalong with Mungo Jerry’s 1970 hit In the Summertime.

An enjoyable night had by all and watched by Guitar lessMand.

Cheers.  Hope Mr & Mrs Skipper had a good holly. And see you all soon

Posted on July 19, 2018 .