Parade Ground

Bradford City are at home tonight so for some inexplicable reason Capt Wylie chose the terraces of Valley Parade rather than SAS. All was not lost however as we still had the pleasure of Mrs Wylie who presumably did not get an invite to the game but anyway chose to grace us with her presence rather than spend an evening in front of the TV.

Blogger took on the Captain’s traditional role and started things off with a song that I first heard on Junior Choice on the Light Programme over half a century ago - Messing About On The River which, according to my iPad, was written by Tony Hatch. This was followed by an instrumental version of Ain’t Misbehavin’.
Barry was next up with two Jimmy songs. The first being Jimmy Driftwood’s Got To Do My Time and this was followed by Jimmy Skinner’s Honey You Don’t Know My Mind. Two well played songs that perhaps only Barry had heard before.
Now it was the turn of James “Juke” Porter who started with Paul Simon’s Come On Take Me To The Mardi Gras Stay Young.
Paul Simon made another appearance with an excellent version of America being given the Gloria treatment. Simon Smith also made an appearance with his amazing dancing bear in an amazing version by Gloria.
Keeping an eye on the score at Valley Parade, currently 1-1 with 15mins to go. Mrs W thinks it could go either way at the moment so maybe she will look forward to going home, maybe not.
Round two starts with blogger playing Dr Frankenstein by Jack Savoretti (as introduced to blogger by the absent Mr W). This was followed by a Michael Chapman number A Cowboy Phase which was a last second choice and would probably have been better had it been played at some point in the last year!
Country time again with Barry and Ed Penney Junior ‘s Where Do You Go - perhaps asking what happened to Ed Penney Senior? Don Reno’s I Could Cry completed Barry’s excellent round 2.
Man of the World was next up on the Juke box followed by Mike Heron (of Incredible String Band fame) Maker of Islands. Good stuff as always from James.
Final score 1-1. Phew! Mrs Wiley doesn’t have to rush home to make sure the cat is out of harm’s way.
The Poor Old Weaver’s Daughter was an SAS first for Gloria - don’t let it be a last! A total change of direction now with an excellent version of Bob Dylan’s Things Have Changed.

Short break (with tales of Gloria’s escapades in the Arctic) followed by round three - just one each this time.

Bloggers first with Randy Newman’s Feels Like Home To Me (apologies to Kath for pinching her song!)

Barry next with John Hardy by The Carter Family which was written in Bflat but Barry skilfully transposed it i to A#.

James completed his evening’s work with In The Early Morning Rain by Clive Palmer (also of Incredible String Band fame).

Gloria to round things off with Sunday Afternoon by the Kinks

Not too many in the audience or performer list but a great night all the same - certainly better than sitting in watching tv or a 1-1 draw at The City!

Next SAS on Tuesday 15th May.







Posted on May 2, 2018 .