April Fool


It was the beginning of the month as I sat waiting for others in the rather quiet Swan in Addingham at 8-25pm.

Half an hour later I was still the only one and thinking that I was some part of an April fools joke.... but I was there on the 'right' night this time. 

As I was ready to go back home, Rob arrived toting two guitars and our conversation dwelt on the past years like when he was the opening act in Nottingham on the same billing as Martin Carthy and I had done the same with my Levin and mouth organ at the Bradford 'Topic' folk club.  I booked Martin several times but that was before Rob was even born !

A majority vote was them made (all two of us with no dissenters) to go over to Silsden where a full house was in session at the Kings Head.  Even joining in at 9-45pm, allowed us to get two songs a piece.

Barry C. Lane



Posted on April 5, 2018 .