Da do Ron Ron da doo Ron ron

No April Fools Night tonight as 8 trusty performers turned up to play, as usual we seemed to be our own audience but that matters none to us, we just enjoy the music.

Abandoning normal protocol when the Blogger (me) normally starts Brian opted to play first as he will often do being the regular scribe.

First song was ‘The Man From Connemara’ by Sean Keane and was accompanied by Kath on mandolin. A new song to me but this man in the song travelled the world and his life achievements were told in his songs.

Next an old favourite ‘Don’t Let The Sun Catch You Crying’ by Gerry Marsden,a song with a good message about resolving arguments before sleeping.




Next up Pat Sherry a newcomer but an old friend of Brian’s (I have lost count of how many musician friends Brian has and there are probably many more) Pat who was obviously a seasoned performer had also been in a band with Brian.

He started with a favourite of mine Joni Mitchell’s ‘Both Sides Now’ and his strong voice and his competent guitar work showed a few years of experience.

‘Raglan Road’ was his next offering, an Irish song from a poem about a dangerous love affair.



Now Its Country time again, with Barry.

First was ‘Big River’ a song that was released in 1957 by Johnny Cash and ‘Ballad Of A Teenage Queen’ by J.C but written by Jack Clement. Both songs had a nifty bit of guitar picking from Barry.



Bloggers turn now. A Mike Heron song ‘Maker Of Islands’ This is a song about hoping to find a partner to help guide you through life.  Saw Mike about 4 years ago playing with his daughter and a band called Trembling Bells. They covered all of his old band’s (The Incredible String Band) songs really well. Next my favourite Bob Marley song ‘Redemption Song’ that is surprisingly not a Reggae song.



Graeme next (Michael Chapman log out now as you seem to be out of favour tonight)

Dave Artiss

Dave Artiss

Now Graeme has a friend Dave Artiss,a competent player singer who has visited us twice, I think. Now it appears he is also a competent songwriter and Graeme performed 4 of his songs tonight

His songs appear to reflect his life and his travels not unlike ‘The man from Connemara’ the first one ‘Blues For You’ was about a player who sings songs to please the crowd but one wonders what he likes to play for himself.

The second ‘The Ringleader’ about a man he met in New York who’s Grandfather a Banker sometimes performed as a clown. Nice Bouncy guitar on this one befitting a circus clown.




Andy Brown next with a version of Palo Nutini’s ‘Candy’ Nice to hear a different version of this song as Andy added, what I would describe as a bit of Folk Rapping.

A Self written song next ‘Some Days It All Goes So Easy’ a really nice song I have heard Andy do a couple of times.



We had an overdue visit from Mike Craig next with some country rock ‘Hometown Blues’ by Steve Earle with some nice sounding guitar. I don’t own much of this

Genre of music but I always like all the stuff Mike does.

Next was ’Midnight Special’ a great song I have seen P.McCartney do live.

I had this song many years ago in a book that came with my first guitar.



I had never heard it (no internet then) but played along anyway, some say it’s a good way to approach a song.

Kath next, recovering from a chest infection but still in fine voice with ‘Wishing Chair’ a Pete Lane song.


Brian again with ‘She Was The Prize’ by Gaelic Storm, a new song to me but with heartfelt lyrics. Then ‘Dr Frankenstein’ by Jack Savoretti  a song I only know from Brian, strange title but some good lyrics and always done well.

Pat now singing a self written hilarious song about a ride on a bus, or buz if you are from Lancashire. I think it was titled ‘The Life Of A Bradford Metro’ it was atouch Victoria Wood but ended up as David Bowie’s A Space Oddity catching the jazzy

Bill Bailey Wont You Please Come Home on the way.

Then ‘The Rose Of Allendale’ an Irish Standard song.

Barry again with Hank Williams ‘The Lost Highway’ a good song but a sad one actually written by Leon Payne. I have a lot of Hanks music, he was a great songwriter and I did think it was his song.

Then ‘California Earthquake’ by Rodney Crowell but somehow I kept thinking of Aleister Crowley the English Occultist who I used to have an album by, it was a very weird album.

Blogger again with the Christine Perfect or McVie classic song ‘Songbird’

Then the old Sam Cooke song a definite favourite of mine ‘Bring It On Home’

Graeme again playing Dave Artiss songs ‘Time For Wonder’ or possibly wander

Again drawing inspiration from his life, this time from when he was as a teacher.

Next ‘Railway Man’ a tale of, presumably someone he had met, who had worked on the Malaysian Railway as a war prisoner then met up and became friends with one of his captors. I have some knowledge of this period after been given a book by my wife’s Grandfather who had also worked on that railway.

Andy again with another self written song ‘Coming Home’ then the brilliant

‘After The Gold Rush’

Mike country rocking again with ‘The Last Of My Kind’ by Jason Hisbell and the more bluesy brilliant ‘Good Night Irene’ 

Finally a nice rendition of Stevie Nicks ‘Landslide’ from Kath then a rousing

‘Da Do Ron Ron’ started by Pat that went a bit Acapella

See you next time

James P.

Posted on April 18, 2018 .