And now the end is near,so we sing the final songs

My friends we make it clear we’ll sing them on and on



We’ll sing country, pop and blues and even Irish rebel songs

The blogs they show,we sing these songs and do it ourway.

Well tonight Brian started first even though he had managed to pass the blogging duties to me; possibly he’d heard my Kitchen extension was eventually finished

and I was now out of excuses.



The first song he chose was ‘Gaudete’ (Latin for Rejoice) recorded by Steeleye Span but nicely sung by Kath with a bit of joining in by others.

Then ‘The Flower Seller’ by Harry O’Donoghue a clever song about flowers and what they stand for.

Lastly ‘Don’t Let The Sun Catch You Crying’ a great song recorded by Gerry and His Pacemakers.

Now John with a couple of self written songs

‘Mushroom’ John says this was a song partly about regrets. Not sure if this was about a mushroom shaped hill/mountain or one growing on the top of one, but it is true if you sit on top of a mountain top for any length of time you do a lot of thinking.

Next ‘The Silence’ a song about people, who lived through a war but do not wish to speak about what they saw. This I can well imagine.

Blogger James was up next. Having been perusing through some old music sheets I came across ‘Farewell She’ a traditional song I first learned and played in the seventies, but had never played since. Went ok I think? Next was ‘Louise’ by Paul Seibel. I first played this song about 6yrs ago here, but played it badly I thought.

Well tonight was ok but somehow I got lost near the end. I will try again in 6yrs.

I might just get it right. It’s a good song though.

Barry minus Cowboy hat and spurs was up next. The first song was ‘In My Time of Darkness’ a fitting song for a talented but seemingly troubled Gram Parsons who died

aged 26, perhaps he shouldn’t have hung round with Keith Richards.

Second song ‘Slow Moving Train’ by Matt Harlan

Graeme played the first Christmas song tonight. ‘Shaking These Christmas Blues’ by Brooks Williams. A nice bluesy jazzy style of song that Graeme plays well followed by ‘Stranger On The Shore’ I love this tune but it took me till the end to guess it, I was trying to sing the words in my head all along and obviously this was no help.

Footnote; I loved this tune so much I put my name forward to play Clarinet at school.

Unfortunately it meant buying my own as the school only had two. My dad wouldn’t oblige so that was that.

Mike now all Christmassy with ‘Santa Bring My Baby Back’ recorded by Elvis

Then ‘If It hadn’t of Been For Love’ by Chris Stapleton. He is a new name to me but he certainly looks like a county singer. Both sung well and Mike’s guitar was sounding good as usual.

Drinks refilled, Round two.

Brian. ‘She Was a Prize’ by Gaelic Storm a good song from Brian and a phrase I have surely heard in one of Roddy Doyle’s books

Then a classic song ‘King Of The Road’ written by Roger Miller.



John. ‘The Sun Goes Down’ another self penned song. John’s songs are often thought provoking and cover many areas or aspects of life. The subject on this one ranged from a Football Hooligan to a Soldier both with the sun going down on merry old England. Next a Joni Mitchell classic ‘Both Sides Now’



Next we had a visit from Stewart (The man from Low Mill) with the pub guitar.

Rocking and a rolling with ‘Let’s Stick Together’ Canned Heat and ‘Summertime Blues’ Eddie Cochran’



Blogger. One of my Favourite Christmas songs ‘The River’ Joni Mitchell and another sad Christmas song ‘So Much Wine’ by The Handsome Family a country song with the usual ‘too much drink’ theme. You may have noticed I don’t do happy Christmas.



Barry. I think this song was ‘Where Do You Go’ Google says; Cotton Eye Joe? Or Where’d You Go Country Music. All I can say is it sounded fine from what I can remember. Next was ‘Bringing Mary Home’ by The Country Gentlemen. A spooky song about girl killed in a road accident.

Graeme. ‘Can’t Keep My Eyes Off You and Me’ by Lifehouse’ A new song to me.



Then another puzzler to me. Graeme announced this as an instrumental from a West end show. I thought My Fair Lady, West Side Storypossibly but I suppose that’s Broadway. I knew it, knew it, knew it but couldn’t name it until someone said

‘I Don’t Know How To Love Him’ then it hit me ‘JC Superstar’



Mike. Sounding great with ‘Morning Blues’ a tradition Blues song.

Then ‘Pay Me My Money Down’ another traditional song. Done in the Bruce Springsteen Style. This was the first song I learned when I went to Night Class, again Itwas in the seventies, to try and learn finger picking, thumb strum thumb strum

Well a medley of Christmas songs to finish mainly sung by Graeme from his ipad

and there we have it another year over and a new one about to begin.

I would just like to say I love the variety of songs that are played here each week, so thanks to everyone concerned especially Brian who does the blog more than anyone and keeps the site going even though he’s in 27 different bands most of the time.

Also a special thought to our old MC David Brimacombea nicer man you couldn’t have wished to meet.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all.

See you in the third week of Jan.

James. P

Posted on December 23, 2018 .