Maltese Falcon flies the nest



Arriving late as usual I walked in to a sea of new faces not the usual suspects. No Brian & Kath (Bradford City at home? - quick check on Google confirms that this is not the case!) and Barry had reported in sick earlier in the day. Unfortunately not one of the assembled throng had pen or paper to hand so yours truly  volunteered to provide an abridged version of events.
From the start there appeared to be an early 40’s and 50’s theme to the night. Not sure if there was anything before this but the first song I heard was  David Kilvington playing Love is The Sweetest Thing followed by Write Myself A Letter.

It later transpired that John had played before my arrival and I am told it was very good but I have no idea what it was!

Next came a vaguely familiar face (James said he recognised it from the first ever time he came to SAS when he played accordion) playing ukulele and singing Derry Jones.

Derry and Jovica  

Derry and Jovica  

You’ll Never Know If You Don’t Know Now and Sentimental Journey were delightfully sung by Alicia Lugg

Jovica Jones sang Your Simple Dreams followed by Malaika - both beautifully performed and very different to the usual SAS fare.

Hi I am, Derry and Alicia

Hi I am, Derry and Alicia

Alicia, Derry and Jovica combined forces to sing Xxx (written  by Derry) in 3 part harmony.

More familiar ground next with James Porter and Iris Demense’s You Done Something Wrong and then I Don’t Want To Talk About it (Rod Stewart?). Excellent as always.

Blogger now with Paul Simon’s 50 Ways To Leave Your Lover and Will Young’s Leave Right Now.

It was agreed to have a quick round of one song each before the break and John kicked off with an excellent version of Train I Ride.

David slowed things down with I’m Losing You.

Alicia now sang Mary Hopkins’ Those Were The Days (with lots of La La Las! And with Derry’s ukulele and David’s guitar accompaniment)

Country Girls was played by Derry again accompanied by his trusty Uke.

Jovica Sang an unaccompanied traditional song Oh No John No.

James now with Richard Thompson’s Beswing. I’ve not heard James sing RT before - more please!




Blogger to finish off the round on trusty Michael Chapman ground with It Ain’t So.

Jovica, Alicia and Derry left at this point for their journey back to Harrogate. We all enjoyed their offerings immensely- please come back again soon!




John kicked off the next round with a Nick Drake song featuring some complicated rhythms Things Behind The Sun.

Vincent was beautifully played by David - Don would have been impressed!

James next with Spider and The Fly followed by blogger with Mary Gautier’s How You Learn To Live Alone.

John now departs so David starts the next round with another lovely jazz style song Ain’t Miss Behavin.

James P changed the mood completely with his version of Christine McVie’s Song Bird (a la Eva Cassidy)

Following James P’s mixing up of Blogger’s last song with Randy Newman’s Feels Like Home it seemed as good a reason as any to sing that particular song!

I suspect that James P had a hand in the choice of David’s next song as he played Sting’s Fields of Gold (again a la Eva Cassidy).

James again with Little Sparrow which I believe is the first song he ever played at SAS.

Blogger finished the evening with Pancho and Lefty.

Another really good night and it was lovely to see some new faces - please come again soon. Next SAS on Tuesday 6th November and I hope to see you then.

Graeme M

Posted on October 17, 2018 .