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Having been the only one of our motley crew who acted on the belief that the first SAS of 2018 was going to be (as per the golden rule) on the first Tuesday of the month i.e. January 2nd, you can imagine my disappointment when I walked in on the third Tuesday of the month (again as per the golden rule) to find only John Caven ensconced in a corner with his guitar. Now I must make it quite clear to anybody reading this (particularly John!) that it was not the sight of John himself that was the cause of my chagrin but the absence of anybody else. It was still relatively early so we had a drink and a chat about various things on a musical theme, particularly Mike Abasalom and the plethora of exceedingly good songwriters and musicians that the majority of mankind have no idea even exist.


As time went by we came to realize that this was it (I had earlier received a leave of absence request from Capt Wiley and his merry band of pirates so I knew that they would not be coming – hope you are all feeling better now) but having brought our guitars all this way it would have seemed churlish not to give them chance to get out of their cases and stretch their legs. Due to the informal (even by SAS standards) nature of the evening no formal record was kept of the songs played – suffice to say they were all very good! This was followed by an unexpected (but welcome) early night. No photos – we both looked pretty similar to our photos on previous blogs.


Next SAS is Tuesday February 6 2018th – I imagine this could be a packed night (based on the feast or famine principle). Hopefully see you then – and Happy New Year!


Graeme M

Posted on January 23, 2018 .