arrived at the Swan in good time to claim a seat in our regular circle after last times full house of eleven plus.  There was already one visitor who had come to pass on something or other to Brian.  Therefore, I was there on the 'right' night !  The visitor was not a player or singer and he patiently stayed in the entrance awaiting our leader before giving up much later on. 

   It was another fifteen minutes before James arrived.  The bar man queried whether we had the 'right' night as the clock turned nine.  The two of us chatted and would have probably given up gone home by 9-15pm had not Rob arrived, toting two Yamaha’s.   By 9-30 we were joined by Mandy so at that we decided to 'do a few'.   We had a quorum !

   I started into it with a Carter family standard 'Jimmy Brown the newsboy' more familiar to the younger generation who associate it usually with Lonnie Donegan.   James followed with a Fleetwood Mac song that was familiar but being older I didn't know was from their (early) catalogue.  Rob performed next in his rich baritone style reminiscent of James Taylor followed by Mandy on her Ovation with one of her own songs.   

In the far corner of the other room, a local guy was strumming the 'house' guitar so he did a few (well oiled) riffs, which was then handed to Stuart (with the big beard) for one of his rousing rock standards.   Our late to get-going- gathering had taken us up to turned ten by then.

   All told, we fitted in four songs each and enjoyed what at one point seemed to be a disaster of an evening.  I guess all our regular friends had something better to do than go to the Swan on such a balmy mid August evening.

It was still going on when I left at 11-15 claiming ”I haven't much to do tomorrow but I want to get an early start on it”.

   The next SAS is the third of September, August being another month with five Tuesdays.  Hopefully, more in attendance after the holiday season.


Barry C. Lane

( no photos this time but at least we had some textLOL )    

Posted on August 16, 2017 .