String Quartet

As Mrs M was away on grandparent duties I arrived slightly late having been taking advantage of having the house to myself. It was a little disappointing to find that only two other performers were there when I arrived (James P and Barry L). Captain Wylie and his good lady had disappeared off to give the Greeks a taste of traditional Irish pipe tunes so we were left to organise ourselves as best we could.

The first half hour was spent generally putting the world to rights and also reminiscing about previous regulars at SAS who were now non, or at best not very regular, attenders. It was interesting to note how often a performer was identified not by name (as more often than not we could not remember this) but by the guitar they played!

As the Snug was occupied by a couple of regulars we decided to start playing in the main bar area (where we were already ensconced) even though it was much more noisy than normal. Shortly after starting Mand (spelling from previous blog!) came to join us accompanied by her guitar.

No record was kept of the songs played however we did the usual rounds of two songs each. Barry played his usual laid-back country style, James providing his custom jukebox variety, and myself dipping my toe into the pool of Bee Gees songs. Mand  then joined in following quite a bit of difficulty getting her guitar tuned due to the volume of background noise.

We were all quite relieved to find that the Snug was now free and so we relocated there, closing the door behind us. This was bliss! We could hear all the songs without any problems and the ceiling fan provided a very nice cooling breeze on a balmy night. Once in the snug there were quite a number of self-penned songs performed. We all had a fun evening, so much so that it was 11.30 before we packed in ("ok - let's just go round one more time" was the phrase of the evening!

Proof, if proof were needed, that lots of performers are not needed to make a great evening.

Next SAS on 1st August - hope to see you there.

Graeme M

Posted on July 20, 2017 .