Apologies were received from Capt Wylie - hope you are feeling better soon Kath - so once we were settled in the snug to avoid the mass of fish and chip eating cyclists Barry grasped the opportunity (i.e. was pushed) into starting things off. Firstly was a Rodney Crowell song written 30 years ago but new to Barry, and the rest of us I guess, California earthquake - and that really brought the house down!! Blue Railroad Train by the Delores Brothers is a song that Barry has been playing for over 50 years, originally with a harmonica strapped around his neck and playing an auto harp. Apparently all those years ago his new bride was not too keen on the auto harp and it had to go. Barry has now been happily married to this lady for over 50 years - a message there chaps?

Something About You, written by Kevin Welch started one of our new regulars' Sandy first offering, followed by Every Little Thing by Carlene Carter. Sandy never fails to delight with her renditions of classic country style songs and tonight proved that point.

Sandy always comes with and sits next to Stan so as we always follow a path around the room we always have Sandy followed by Stan or vice versa. Stan started with Blind Willie McTell  by Bob Dylan. Watching Stan play his Eko guitar reminded me of one of my early guitars - a 12 string version of the same guitar (from which 6 strings were quickly removed - not too many people keep a 12 string as their only guitar). Willow She Weeps For Me by John Power was next. Stan always seems to have a 60/70's folk feel about his songs and they are always well received.

Following the surprise announcement that Ian Pucknall had been properly retired for 2 years now (you may remember how he made a feeble attempt at retirement a few years ago but was lured back to work!) Waylon Jennings' A Couple Of Years started his spot off, followed by Rubinstein Remembers, written by Ewen Carruthers but I suspect it is know to Ian through the music of Alan Taylor. Great songs given the "Puck" treatment!

James "The Juke" Porter started his spot with Bob Marley's "Three Little Birds" (Don't Worry) James was playing his Epiphone guitar which is the same model as the one I traded my 12 string Eko in for all those years ago (ah - memories!). Keeping on the Marley theme " No Woman No Cry" was next. Dreadlocks for Mr Porter next?

Bloggers turn next with Jim Croce's Working At The Car Wash Blues. Surprisingly as I was floundering about wondering what to play a request came in for a recently performed song "Still Loving You" by The Sorpions.

By this time Stuart (first appearance at SAS last time had wandered into the room and so equipped with the pub guitar started playing his boogie woogie  style of music with Led Zeppelin's "Rock And Roll".


Part Deux commenced with Barry and a Peter Wernick song "Just Like You" which he apparently never plays in old people's homes - you probably don't know the details of the song but those that were at SAS understand why that is the case. Perhaps one day a young person will sing it to Barry - see how he feels then! On a slightly more cheerful note (emphasis on the slightly!) "Honey You Don't Know My Mind" by Jimmy Martinfinished off Barry's official slot for the evening.

Sandy back now with "Me And Bobby McGee" the Gordon Lightfoot classic, followed by the Kris Kristofferson classic "The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down" (did you know it was written by him? - I always thought it was Bob Dylan or Joan Baez). Barry gave a very interest and amusing anecdote about an early encounter with Mr K. A classic performance of 2 classic songs.

At this point "Steve" decided to take a break from propping up the bar and came in to listen.

"Searching For The Ghost of Tom Joad" was the Bruce Springsteen song that started off Stan's second spot followed by "All I Want is You" the U2 song - what was I saying about Stan being 1960's folk?!

Ian Pucknell started with what I would consider to be his "signature " song - "Ira Hayes" by Peter Lafarge although recorded by almost all of country royalty but sadly not by Ian Pucknall! An interval request led to Ian playing "The Guitar " by Guy Clark and Harlem Thompson. Great stuff.

James P next with a Paul McCartney song "How Many People" - a new one for JP and a new one for me! Another Bob Marley song "Waiting In Vain" performed in the Annie Lennox version style. Another couple of Greta songs from the Jukebox.

Blogger completed the official business with two Leonard Cohen songs - "Famous Blue Raincoat" and "Lady Midnight".

The night was still fairly young so there was just time for one quick song each:
Barry -      Fair & Tender Lady - trad
Sandy -      He Thinks He'll Keep Her - Mary Chaplin Carpenter
Stan -        Catch The Wind - Donovan (yes! Back to the 60's folk I was talking about!)
Ian -            Goodbye - Steve Earle
James -      Stay Young - Gallagher & Lyle
Graeme -  a Michael Chapman instrumental in A which, much to my chagrin,  I cannot for the life of me remember the name of  - no doubt Michael will post a comment at the bottom telling me the name - well Brian W assures me he does read the blog!

What a very enjoyable evening! See you again on 4th July at the next SAS.


Posted on June 21, 2017 .