Parlour Games

Well we decided to play in the Front Parlour tonight (some may say relegated to the TV room, not me) and it was due to the enormous amount of people eating noisily in the other rooms. Not that I minded because sitting near the kitchens recently has left me needing to put my clothes straight in the washing basket and my jacket on the line to get rid of the cooking smells.That aside the food must be ok as it is very popular.

Well, on to the music: - Brian passed the Blog baton to me but proceeded to play first as he normally does when he blogs.



Brian started with ‘Waiting on a Dark Eyed Girl’ by Ronnie Wayne Davies, nice song that sounded a bit Jagger/Richards doing country style, new to me but I found out he wrote ‘It Ain’t Easy’ the song David Bowie covered on Ziggy Stardust, brilliant song.



Next one I wrote the initials down only, but I think it was on of Brian’s own and hopefully was called ‘No Reason I Should Change’

Blogger James next played ‘Paris’ a song about lost love in Paris, unfortunately there will be a few of those people around after recent events. Wrote by Clive Palmer based on a Jazz instrumental by Erroll Garner called ‘When Paris Cries’ which is certainly worth a listen.

Next The Bee Gees ‘To Love Somebody’ this is a really good timeless song to me, covered by many and a hit for Nina Simone.



We were thentransported to the Grand Ole Opry for some country music from Barry,

First song ‘Don’t This Road Look Rough and Rocky’ by Flatt & Scruggs.

Then a nice song by Jimmy Driftwood ‘Doing My Time’ It seems that Jimmy played a guitar made out of recycled bits and pieces all his life.



Kath up next to sing, ably accompanied by Brian on Whistle.

Kath sang ‘Wishing Chair’ by Peter  Lane, nice vocals. Then a favourite of mine ‘Sunshine On Leith’ by the Proclaimers. Top song especially with the added whistle at the end.



Next a man with lots of capo’s, slides, picks, two guitars (semi acoustics) dropped down tunings etc. well I was lost and confused before he even played. The first guitar it seemed was a bit of a cobbled up patchwork job not unlike Jimmy Driftwood’s,

Well no matter this, as it certainly gave off a good solid sound. In fact the man in question Martin Webster (obviously a seasoned performer) gave a good all round sound vocally and all. First song ‘Louisville and Nashville’ second one Mr Dylan’s

‘It’s All Over Now Baby Blue’ Good stuff’

Short interval

Round two, Brian up with a song of his own, written previously but musically composed on the spot for the first time!!! ‘I Wish I Had a Flag to Follow’

which I am thinking was about his life.

Then a traditional song, a new one for me though ‘The Galway Shawl’

Well done Brian.

Blogger, Carol King ‘Way Over Yonder’ (personal favourite) and a Michelle Shocked song ‘Russian Roulette’

Barry again with a bit of the Carter Family history and song ‘John Hardy’

They certainly had some songs and connections, my favourite being’ You’ve Been That Friend to me’ Barry followed thiswith ‘Halfway Home Café’ written by Johnny Barranco and Paul Overstreet.



Brian and Kath again, performing ‘The Lowlands of Holland’ a popular Folk song, with the Whistle sounding quite ethereal.

Martin finishing the last round now with ‘Mind Your Own Business’ by Hank Williams, done in good style and what’s not to like about Hank.

Also ‘Blind Willie Mctell’ another classic by Sir Bob, Only available on Bootleg I think.

Bit of a Jam: - ‘Border Reiver’ by Mark Knopfler (about a truck driver)

‘Spider and The Fly ‘an old Stones B side

‘On Your Way Home’ by Patty Loveloss, this sounded great with extra backing from Brian & Martin.

And a good night was had by all.

James P.

Posted on May 17, 2017 .