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Blog 7th March 2017

20.15 –Arrived to find two diners and thirteen happy, smiley players,there was a sense of exhilaration;this is going to be a busy night.

I wondered which poor sod would who would be honoured to get blogging duties.

A complete stranger then handed me a pen.

20.30ish a prompt start.

Lock & load, light the blue touch paper and, Let me entertain you, starting with …..


Brian –‘Dr Frankenstein’a Jack Savoretti song,followed by ‘I was only Joking my Friend’lyrics by Brian’s doppelganger MrR. Stewart


Nigel –‘Star of the County Down’a cracking Irish ballad with a chorus joined by the massed SAS choir, and ‘Writer of Songs’a Harvey Andrews song.


James ‘Juke’ –Woodstock (J. Mitchell)Yasgur's farm,yep, I remember it well. Second song ‘No Woman No Cry’(R.Marley). Harmonicas, additional guitars & vocalscoming out of the woodwork, sounding very good.


Sandy – ‘Morningtown Ride’ The Seekers. Excellent, not heard this for some time, brought back good memories.

‘Are You on the Road to Lovin' Me Again’ – Debby Boone, daughter of Pat Boone. New to me, again excellent.

Now in typical SAS fashion, one of the best ‘spur of the moment’ links.


Graham with‘Love letters in the Sand’a Pat Boonesong, recorded when Debby Boone was 10 months old.‘Yellow’by Coldplay followed. Marvelous stuff

Cath H. Mockingbird –‘Let the tears flow’, aduet withfellow Mockingbird, and co-writer, Pam.Cath’s second song, a solo,‘Whisky’. Glorious harmonies.

Mike Mockingbloke – ‘Out on the Weekend’ (N. Young) with harmonica intro from wife Cath.‘Bring it on Home to Me’ – (Sam Cooke, Animals)Impressive improv backup included some tasty lead guitar riffs and harmonica rhythm licks. Great stuff.


Pam J. Mockingbird –‘Worried Mind’, backed by Paulharmonica, Mike percussion.

Then a duet with Cath ‘When all you got is a Hammer’a Gretchen Peters song. The glorious harmonies just keptcoming.

N.B. Late 2016 The Mockingbirds (Pam & Cath) wrote, recorded & produced a special Christmas CD 'No-one Does Christmas Like We Do!’ all proceeds in aid of Bradford Metropolitan Food Bank. To date this CD has raised a remarkable £850.

This CD has been on my playlist since January, (I know,Christmas songs in March!) highly recommended. Check The Mockingbirds Bradford web site for details.


Phil(One Man Band) – ‘Mole in the Ground’a rhythmic traditional American folk song, didn’t take us long to be singing along. Then‘My Oklahoma Home’(B. Springsteen)Well sung.


Great Bluegrass/Country songs from Barry,‘Honky Tonk’(Carter Stanley) and ‘Don’t tell Mama (I was drinking)’a thought provoking song from George Jones.


Paul (One Man Band) – ‘Desperado’with hauntingharmonica soloand‘World on a String’ (N Young). Tremendous.

Cath Wy. – ‘Landslide’ (Stevie Nicks maintains she wrote this on the guitar in about five minutes)and ‘Suffered so well’ (Eleanoe McEvoy). Doesn’t get much better than this.

A Wee Break.

I chanced to speak with the two diners who had now moved to a fireplace table to finish their wine. They had had a great night, loved the music; it had made their night out just that little bit special.

So many good singers, so little time allowsonly one more song each.

Brian – Michael Conway

Sandy – Jolene (D. Parton)


Stan – Working Class Hero (J. Lennon)

James ‘Juke’ – Watching the Detectives (E. Costello)

Graham – Dancing in the Dark (B. Springsteen)

Cath H. Mockingbird – Dreams (S. Nicks)

Mike – Willin’ (L. George,Little Feat)

Pam J. Mockingbird – Back to Earth (W. Nelson)

Phil – Spaceball Ricochet – (M. BolanT. Rex)

Barry – Cannon Ball Blues – (Alvin Pleasant DelaneyCarter, a founder member of the Carter family dynasty)

Paul – From A Buick 6 (R. Dylan)

A bedtime story from the Blogger and we’re done.


The night moved on in a haze of good music & good people, leaving only memories to cherish.

Until Next time.

Ian P.

Posted on March 9, 2017 .