A Packed Evening

After the quiet (but nonetheless enjoyable) firstcouple of SAS's of the year it was pleasing to be able to walk into the room and struggle a space to park my bum - obviously until Brian pointed the evil blog finger in my direction! Most of the usual suspects were present and a very welcome return to Larry Anderson who has not been seen in these parts for quite a few months (perhaps even bordering on years).

Capt Wylie kicked things off with his self penned number Got auto Get The Monkey Off Your Back. This was followed by Hackler from Grouse Hall (Christy Moore) a song that I am sure he normally does unaccompanied but tonight is was accompanied by Katherine on mandolin and JP on guitar.

After a while trying to decide a route to follow around the room so the performers knew when they were next on (I am sure it failed in that respect due the random nature of the seating) Larry ended up being the next to regale the massed crowds, starting with a song that at the moment remains unnamed but (as it is Larry) I am guessing is by either Dylan or Cohen. Followed up by a definitely Dylan song with an indefinite title, possibly One More Cup Of Coffee For The Road. Great to see you back Larry!

I have to confess that the room is too busy and noisy to try for any accuracy in song titles and composers!

A new face to a few in the room, although I do think we have seen him before, John Paul (JP for short) was elected to follow Larry (Larry was anti-clockwise from Brian, JP was opposite to slightly clockwise from Brian - all the best laid plans ....). I am guessing that he is well known to The Wylie's as they joined in with Foxy Devil (Christy Moore)on mandolin and guitar - and very nice it all sounded. Following this (still with Wylie accompaniment) was Bright Blue Rose by Mary Black (according to Pam). Both played very nicely.

Good news - some of the noisy diners have left! (not having a go at them as they have just as much right to be there as us but it is nice when the background chatters dies dies down).

What I believe to be an SAS first tonight as I think it is the first time that we have had a double bill of natural finish Gibson J200's (sported by Larry and Barry) and it was the second of these with Barry Lane playing firstly The Richest Poor Boy In Town by Waylon Jennings. Vince Gill wrote the next song from Barry - Nobody Answered When I Called Your Name. The good thing about Barry's songs is that although the composer may sometime be a bit obscure (if in doubt just guess at Carter) the title is nearly always obvious from the lyrics. Nice stuff from Larry.

Another new face tonight David Kilvington with a jazz theme playing Love Is The Sweetest Thing was followed by a Fats Waller song - Gonna Sit Right Down And Write Myself A Letter. A different but very welcome sound at SAS that went down a storm.

Andy Brown took to the challenge of following Dave and started with Gordon Lightfoot's (from memory) Me And Bobby McGee. After that relatively up beat song The Verve's The Drugs Don't Work brought the atmosphere to Andy's morose usual level (as he pointed out)!  Great stuff Andy.

Grand Union (Pam Johnson and Ian Taylor) followed Andy with Please Darling. Every River came next. This duo are getting better each time I hear them. Nice easy to listen to harmonies. As they were performing as a duo the consensus was that they should do a bonus song and, to Pam's delight, they played a Mary Gautier song Between The Daylight and the Dark- absolutely lovely, although somewhat soporific!

Now it was the turn of Phil Greaves who, with harmonica safely strapped around his neck, played firstly Cadillac by T Rex and then Working Man by The Boss (Bruce Springsteen not my wife!). Lots of foot tapping around the room.

Blogger next with 2 very new (last 48 hrs) songs to him - The Scorpions 🦂 Still Loving You and Meatloaf's Two Out Of Three Ain't Bad.

To end the first half we had Ian Pucknell playing firstly Rubinstein Remembers by Ewan Carruthers (new to me) and this was followed by (familiar to me) To Make You Feel My Love by his Bobship. Excellent stuff.

Short interval - it's getting late! It was agreed that part 2 would be 1 song each (2 for duos) - blog being abbreviated accordingly- fingers and brain getting tired!

Brian, replete with flat hat, played Big Ironby Marti Robbins.

Early bath for Larry so JP next with Writing on the Wall with a accompaniment from Brian Again.very nice.

Barry with a Guy Clark and Vince Gill number Jenny Dreamed of Trains

Dave back with Losing You (as performed by Paul Carrack) - excellent.

Andy Brown showed that Richard Ashcroft was still able to write miserable 😭 songs even in 2016 with They Don't Own Me.

Grand Union with a Clannad song Tennessee - a lovely haunting song with some very effective guitar playing. Lucinda Williams's East Side Of Town (one of my particular Lucinda favourites).

Phil now back with a self penned song My Baby's Left Me about difficulties of being a rock and roll star - not sure if this is autobiographical or not!

Blogger again with one of the few songs that he can actually remember the words to - Fire and Rain🔥 ☔️  by James Taylor .

Ian Pucknell rounded things off nicely with Guy Clark's (Mr Clark has been very popular this evening) The Guitar.

It was yet another great evening at SAS and great to see so many turning out after a couple of quiet

Next SAS 21st February- hope to see you there!

All written "on the hoof" at SAS so apologies for typos and inaccuracies!
Graeme M
Pictures will be posted this evening BCW

Posted on February 8, 2017 .