When The rains Came

When The Rain Comes (They run and hide their heads)

Well come on you lily-livered lot, why stay at home because of a bit of wind and rain when there is music to be played and sung. (Apologies to anyone with genuine reasons)

I entered the Swan last night to find only Barry sat in an empty room drinking his liquor with his coat on, I thought he is either leaving or someone has just told him he has ‘pulled’

After getting a drink I joined him and 10 mins later Graeme’ no blog for me tonight’ joined us. Luckily our one audience member for the night ‘Mandy’ joined us and this spurred us on to get started.

Being only three players we had many songs to sing, to numerous to name them all.

But here are some examples or standout moments in my mind:-

Graeme:  - Moon River, Romeo and Juliet, Lay Lady Lay.

James: -Well, I remembered all the words to ‘Watching The Detectives’ Phew

Barry:  -Lots of Train songs or songs about someone dying, maybe even a song where someone died on a train. Standout song was one were nobody died.

A good night was had and so many songs were sung that I had trouble getting my beer quota drunk. Thanks to Mandy for staying, some may say after 27 songs she was a glutton for punishment, but I would like to think she just enjoys music. Maybe she will bring her guitar next time.

Next session will be the 7th of March so I am hoping for better weather.

If you can’t wait it is ‘Singers night’ Monday the 27th Feb at The Narrow Boat.

James P.

Posted on February 22, 2017 .