Snug in the snug

It seems that Capt Wylie remembered my throw away remark last session when, having resolutely refused to do the blog, I foolishly offered to "do it next week" and to make sure I kept to my word he and Katherine blobbed tonight leaving yours truly with blogging duties.
For some reason (presumably the quality of the food) the  main area was packed tonight so that room was a complete non-starter. The Snug also had a smattering of diners but it appeared to be our only option and they seemed to welcome the thought of live music(obviously they had not heard us play at this point!). The diners may have regretted their initial hospitality as one by one we filtered in, 8 musos in total at the start (9 before the end of the first song).

While the cats away etc .... we decided to go round one song at a time this week and the first round started with Pam Johnson singing a very nice version of Louise by Linda Ronstadt.
James Porter next touching on Barry's territory with a Carter Family song You've Been A Friend To Me.
Country King Barry Lane now with The Troubadour by Johnny Cash.

Three new faces tonight in the shape of three members of the Addingham group Alabama  Colin, Ian & Richard who were visiting SAS  for the first (but hopefully not last time). Obviously as a trio they were entitled to more than just the one song. A very fine version of Moondance (Van The Man) was followed by The Thrill Is Gone (BB King) - a very nice helping of the blues.

Blogger (Graeme) next with Eric Clapton' Layla.

Phil, replete with harmonica and guitar, followed with Marc Bolan's  (T Rex's) Jeepster which apparently Mac Bolan admitted to pinching from Howlin' Wolf's You'll Be Mine.

Round 2

Ian Taylor and Pam Johnson (otherwise known as Grand Union) played a rousing version of Shame And Cigarettes - I say "version" but in truth this is an original piece of music by Grand Union. This was followed by  the 1975 song by Guy Clark  called Desperadoes Waiting For A Train.

James "The Jukebox" Porter moved on to His Bobship with an excellent version of I'll Be Your Baby Tonight (James never shirks from playing in an unusual key - it was played in F rather dropping down to E or up to G or using a capo).

Barry next with If I Needed You Would by Townes Van Zandt and made more famous by Don Williams and Emmylou Harris.

Colin, Ian And Richard on again now moving into jazz mode with "On Broadway" written by Barry Mann and Cynthia Weil and played by just about anybody who is anybody. I should perhaps explain the Ian plays lead guitar and lead vocals, Richard rhythm guitar and backing vocals and Ian acoustic bass and backing vocals. More Bob Dylan now with All Along The Watchtower (more Hendrix than Dylan) - great stuff.

Blogger with Neil Young's Harvest Moon ( rather than just plain old Harvest).

Phil next with a rousing version of Ain't Got No Home, originally by Woody Guthrie then by Springsteen, Billy Bragg and (perhaps best version of all) Phil.

Ian Taylor solo this time with a great song do his about the Hillsborough disaster.

Blimey 10.20 already! Half Time  during which we found that our dining room mates were on holiday from"down South" - they made a small but fantastic audience!

Round 3

Grand Union with another excellent self-penned song "One Last Time" - another song of their of a very high standard.

JP with one of his "classics" - Man Of The World - the Fleetwood Mac song.

Barry with another from the his massive country song book, this time Let It Roll by Kevin Brandt a new name to all including Barry!)

Colin, Ian & Richard again with Black Magic Woman the Peter Green / Fleetwood Macsong made even more famous by Santana - the abrupt ending taking everyone by surprise! Ain't No Sunshine, Bill Withers' 1971 song, was played beautifully - I know, I know, I know!

Blogger could not let the chance of playing some Michael Chapman pass so Memphis In Winter was the offering.

Phil  now with a self penned song I Remember When I was Young  - good to know that Phil has such a long memory!

Grand Union with If I Were A Bramble And You Were A Rose by Sid Griffin / The Longriders. 

This was the amateur version and so three rounds was the limit to proceedings but that did not stop us concluding with a sing-a-long to Shitty White wine, When I'm Dead and Gone, Long Black Veil, Free Fallin' (following today's sad news regarding Tom Petty), Knocking on Heavens Door and In Spite of Ourselves.

One of the best SAS sessions for quite a while! Next one on 17th October.

Graeme M

Posted on October 4, 2017 .