Five have Fun Again



Technically we reached the heady numbers of six but Mandy chose not to play and just leant back and enjoyed the music (I hope)

As the designated Blogger I started the Proceedings:-

‘Tramps and Hawkers’ a traditional Scottish song, followed by ‘Rosemary Lane’ another traditional (presumably English) song.

The thing is with the Scottish song you have to use the accent and sometimes feel a bit silly, but likewise you couldn’t sing Daniel where’s your Trousers, it would have to be Troosers.



Onto Graeme now, a man who is chasing my moniker as the ‘Jukebox Man’ because he has a wide array of different songs. ‘You Ain’t Going Nowhere’ one of these songs

that you know but can’t think where from, well It’s Bob Dylan from the Basement Tapes. A good sing along one but it was a bit early in the night.

Next was’ L.A. Freeway’ by Guy Clark someone I now little about but he is a renowned songwriter and seemed to be flavour of the night.



Rob next a reasonably new face here, but certainly welcome with a mix of his self written songs and a few covers.

Two song ‘I Ain’t The Captain’ and ‘Wanted Man’ from Robs own pen. I have heard the first one before and it’s certainly grows on you. (coincidently we were missing a Captain tonight, in the form of Captain Wylie) For the second song Rob asked us to imagine we were riding horseback, well I could have been sat out on my cabin porch watching that horse go by it was that good.



We now go onto another cowboy, in the form of Barry.

‘Golden Guitar’ written by Bill Anderson, tells the story of a blind guitar player who lost his arm in an accident on the way to a gig. He took his life because of this, but strangely managed to join a band in hand in Heaven. Even more strangely Ian told us of a guy he met in a music school in Ilkley who played with one arm holding notes down and picking with the one hand (you couldn’t make it up)

next a fine song by Gretchen Peters ‘You Don’t Even Know Who I Am’



Ian now, with an Allan Taylor song ‘Leaving At Dawn’ this was a sad song nicely done. Allan Taylor is not someone I know of, but he seems popular in folk circles.

Next another Guy Clark song ‘Dublin Blues’ I am warming to this Guy Clark guy.

I have noticed Ian seems to have developed his own individual style of picking which I really like.


Second Half and the Blogger is off again. Barry had mentioned in an E-mail to me George Jones and I remember listening to an album of his from my Fathers country music CD’s. One song stuck out to me so I thought I would give it a go. ‘Just A Girl I Used To Know’ I’ve always loved a good melody.

Next another song that also has a good melody plus heartfelt lyrics.‘Songbird’ by Fleetwood Mac member, Christine Mcvie.

Graeme again with Al Stewarts ‘Timeless Skies’ Al Stewart is someone who has passed me by, but he is obviously a talented songwriter.

Next we had another Guy Clarke song. ‘Desperadoes Waiting For A Train’ This was an interesting song about a friendship with an old Oil worker.

Rob again with a Bruce Springsteen song. ‘Mr State Trooper’ a very popular singer is Mr Springsteen. I would duck when I say it, but I only like him doing acoustic numbers or maybe ‘Philadelphia’ still it’s everybody to their own when it comes to music.

Barry again who did two Don Remo numbers. ‘Talk Of The Town’ and ‘I Could Cry’

These are the type of sad country songs that Barry does so well.

Barry is also a great raconteur of the stories behind the singers and he did tell us about Don Remo.

Ian again with ‘Lady Take Your Time’ by Allan Taylor. This is a great song and one that gets stuck in my head every time I hear it. Next another classic with Ian sounding very like Willie Nelson. ‘You Were Always On My Mind’

Lastly a quick one for everyone:-

James: ‘Stay Young’ Gallagher and Lyle.

Graeme: who we know is a great aficionado of Michael Chapman’s style of playing, did a number I think was called ‘Sometimes’ this is were Graeme really comes into his own. This was kind of Ragtime and was great.

Rob: surprised us with a version of ‘Vincent Black Lightning’ Richard Thompson

Barry: ‘California Earthquake’ Jon Hartford

Ian: ‘Streets of London’ ably abetted by Graeme on guitar.

Well quieter than last time but nonetheless another enjoyable evening.

James P.

Posted on October 18, 2017 .