One Volunteer worth more than a pressed man!

I thought that they had not got started as they were waiting to volunteer me for the blog but it appears that a multitude of diners awaiting fish and chips was delaying the start of our "1st Tuesday of the Month" session (for those not familiar with the format we also have a 3rd Tuesday of the month session). The reason for the delay did not detract from the eventual, perhaps predictable, outcome which was yours truly being goaded into doing the blog.



A couple of new faces tonight but more of that later. A very familiar face kicked things off tonight but with an unfamiliar instrument. It was the first time Brian Wylie had brought his Ukulele to SAS and he offered a nice version of Van Morrison's Brown Eyed Girl. This was followed by a tin whistle version of Roddy McCourt. There had previously been some discussion with Gloria about whether the shiny bits of the whistle were silver or aluminium (aluminium apparently), but either way it sounded very good.


Barry Lane followed with Out Among The Stars by Adam Mitchell played on his tasty Martin D45. A very typical Barry style country song from yesteryear played with aplomb (and lots of foot tapping on the wooden floor was noted). A capo was then placed on the 7th fret for Young Widow Brown (Jennings & Corbin - not that Jeremy as he is spelt differently and can't write songs like this).


Gloria, perched on the table - see photos, started with and unusual but excellent version of Lenny Bruce by his Bobship (the noise from the adjacent revellers starting to be a bit of a nuisance now - looking forward to the accordion which should rise above the background noise level).


At this point it appears that Capt Wylie was of a similar mind to myself and went to check out the snug which was fortunately empty so we all decanted to the snug and closed the door behind us.



Gloria continued with the traditional song Thousands Or More and The Overgate.


A monologue was the first offering from a new face (not To Brian) to me TC and it was a very humorous tale about an automated telephone answering service. This was followed by The Cuckoo (song with guitar this time) which was very well received.


James The Jukebox Porter next with Don't Worry (About a Thing) by Bob Marley. Carole King is quite a hot topic at the moment with her new Tapestry tour and this seemed to encourage The Juke to sing You Make Me Feel Like a Natural (Wo)man, a staple of the Porter repertoire which seems to make use of all parts oh his fretboard and vocal range.



Terribus and The Dorset Forehand Reel were the first two offerings from another new face Adrian Ward beautifully played on his accordion (with various guitar, ukulele and whistle accompaniment - this would have shut them up next door!). After this we had a waltz entitled The Girl That Broke My Heart written by Adrian and very good it was too, again with some guitar accompaniment (including Brian playing James right handed guitar left handed)


Blogger next with an unusual song for him - Neil Diamond's I am I Said. Most Neil Diamond songs never seem to suit my vocal range - not sure that this one is any different!


After the break Brian got us going with Fisherman Blues played on the Ukulele. Still on the Ukulele (but having to mentally transpose the chords set out before him) Plastic Jesus (the one that rides on the dashboard of a car) completed Brian's work for the evening.


More Than A Name On The Wall was second set, first song from Barry Lane The lesson that we can all take home from SAS tonight is that if you want to live a long happy life - don't let Barry Sing a song about you! Ironically this was followed by Live Forever by Billy Joe Shaver.


Gloria was next up with a song called When Wars Alarms which merged into the instrumental The Battle of The Somme. Harry Champion wrote Any Old Iron and Gloria played this with great expertise.



T C (not much resemblance to an American cartoon character) played When the Circus Comes to Town. Another monologue completed TC's work for the evening with an amusing offering written by Richard Digance entitled Sod's Law. We look forward to more of this humour and music in future sessions.



To Love Somebody, previously performed by The BeeGees, was tonight played by James Porter. No falsetto in this version but just as good as the original. Bring It On Home To Me (Sam Cooke) completed James' great work for the night.


Adrian returned offering a very nice alternative to the stringed instruments of the second half playing Sussex Cotillion on his accordion and then Horses Bransle and La Mourisgue. Really good playing Adrian - please come back soon.


Back to six strings with blogger and (who else but) Michael Chapman's In The Valley and an instrumental called La Madraguda.


A really good evening concluded with a few tunes on flute from Gloria.


Next SAS is 19th July (last before the August recess) - see you then.









Posted on July 6, 2016 .