Well it comes to us all at some point or another, having chastised Mike and others for the late production of The Blog, I couldn’t remember where I had put it down at home until today when looking for something else I cam across it on my shelf.

The pub was busy when we turned up as some excellent Fish and Chips kept appearing from the Kitchen, as every table was busy we sat in the corner by the fire to await whatever musicians turned up on the night. One by one they arrived and as the group around the table got larger we then decided to carry on from where we were sat.

The Blogger was travelling light tonight having brought just his whistles andhis bodhran, together with his partner in crime Mike we had a whistle tune made famous by and written by “Finbar Furey”and so was played “The Lonesome Boatman” and in this format we continued with an African whistle tune that The Blogger picked up in the West of Ireland from the playing of Des Caferkey. We could never remember so we christened it “The Westport Races”  The second half heard a self penned tune in memory of a great Friend Dave Crolla, and so “Crolla’s Reel led into a song by the blogger”The Blarney Roses” accompanied by himself on bodhran which led into an instrumental on the bodhran whereby at one point the tipper decided to part company and fly across the room leaving the Blogger to carry on using his hand without missing a beat.

Next up was Andy Brown who paused enough to comment that the tipper just missed him as it flew across the room. Andy has been turning up with a Dobro Telecaster lookalike, and although it isn’t plugged in makes a great sound. First up from Andy was an American civil war song written by Robbie Robertson and first performed by the band in 1969 written whilst at Woodstock “The Night they drove Old Dixie Down” tells the story of the demise of the confederacy and was last performed by Levon Helm in 76 as he hated the version of the song by Joan Baez. Andy;ssecond song was form Etta Jame’s repertoire “Loving Arms” although I couldn’t find it in her discograpy. Andy then brings his set completely up to date with a couple of Oasis numbers, first up was “Don’t look back in Anger” and finishedwith a great version of “Wonderwall” Well done Andy.

Going around the table in an orderly fashion meant that Graeme Morrell was next in line, now Graeme is renowned for his performing of Michael Chapman  numbers but lately his ever increasing catalogue has included numbers from such illuminaries as Al Stewart, John Hiatt etc but tonight it was the turn of a fovourite of mine Jackson Browne a former founder of the Eagles and “Late for the Sky” was the offering on the altar of the magnificent Browne. Graeme then brought forth another classic with “ Homeward Bound by Simon & Garfunkel which sparked a debate on where and which railway staition it was written? The power that is Google tells me and a Blue plaque confirms it as Widnes Station but it doesn’t end there and the saga continues as even Paul Simon cant remember where he wrote it LoL.  Graeme then treated us assembled musos to a David Gates number “If” now when Graeme announced it was a Gates number I was secretly hoping for “Aubrey “ but was perfectly happy with his sound version of “If” and not to disappoint the MC fans in this intrepid group he rounded off with a Michael Chapman number “Vanity and Pride” a wide and varied set tonight Graeme and Well done.

Moving round the table we come to our very own human jukebox some say his mother mated with a radio all we know is this is James Porter and tonight James started his set with a song I believe was the first I heard him perform at our fore runner at Addingham Acoustic. “Spider and the Fly” from 1965 Stones Recording. A new one tonight from James as “Paris” by Clive Palmer who was a founder member of The Incredible String Band who more than likely wrote this when he was busking with Wizz Jones with whom he lived in ……….. wait for it Paris! James then went into reggae mode wit a Bob Marley number “No Woman No Cry” and to further enhance the moniker of The Jukebox rounded off his set with “In The Jailhouse now” a Jimmy Rogers Song that featured in The hit film “O Brother where art Thou” excellent stuff James as always.

The Wanderer returns, having recovered from his recent libations and his Birthday (age unknown) we welcomed the return of Ian Pucknell ,after the usual plethora of excuses as to how long it had been since he picked up a guitar and sang. We got an Allan Taylor Song “Lady Take Your Time” from 1978, and now having found his form and voice he went straight into a Guy Clark number from 2006 “Magdalene” an uncommon name of biblical connotations we then go to the bible belt for a John Prine number “Sam Stone” probably one of the first anti war songs that showed a level of sympathy for the troops who returned to god knows what in the states a sad but powerful song even this many years after 1971. Now in Prine Mode , Ianrounded off his spot with another poignant John Prine number “Hello in There” a sad but beautiful song of family life and what we can all expect in later life. Well done Ian and don’t leave it so long until next time!

Mike was our penultimate artist tonight and having been chastened prophetically for me in regard to the late posting of The Blog (I only beat him by one Day Phew!)  We had a Richard Thompson number “Wall of Death “ nicely performed by Mike. Then to Kaths delight Mike did one of her favourites and has even been heard to state she prefers his version to the original so Steve Earle Kath prefers Mikes version! …….. Oh the song it was “Mountain” We then had an A.A Bodi number “The Pines are Dancing” and finished his spot with a song normally performed as a duet with his partner Christina and although missing the harmony normally provided by Christina it was still a sterling effort and “Shining Star” brought Mikes spot to a close. Excellent stuff mike. Kath had been sat quietly in the corner and was gently enticed to perform a number and gave us three numbers, the first was a Christy Moore cover of “Motherland” a song she hasrapidly been making her own. Her second song was written by a good frien of ours from Halifax Pete Lane who penned “The Wishing Chair” a song I had forgotten Kath Learning. It was an ecelent rendition and I’m sure Pete would approve. Kath then gave us "my least favourite life" not my least favourite but that was the title by Lera Lynn. Performed beautifully.

Having gone round the table twice which normally takes us up to the witching hour, there was still time for a bit of a jam, and we had “Come on up to the House”, Joe South’s “Games People Play” “Cry To Me” and finally “Knockin on Heavens Door”

So once again apologies for the late posting of the blog and this Tuesday sees us back again and hopefully someone will volunteer for this weeks Blog.



Posted on July 3, 2016 .