When Three is a Crowd




The Three Amigos

When its the last Swanacoustic session of the summer and its 26 degrees sat outside the pub, you wonder what everyone could be doing on such a lovely night? The Three amigos who turned up had multiple chances to show off their skills and both playing and songwriting. Our M.C David had finally returned from his holiday so breaking him back in gently with a short list seemed only right. Tonights blog will be short as I am waiting to fly off to sunny Santorini. Thanks to David for the constant flow of photographs of the performers who turn up. I will try to keep it simple as we all got through quite a few numbers and at thend of the first half we broke for a chat and a catch up. Blogger brought his trusty guitar tonight and managed to rattle his way through "Back Home in Derry" written by Bobby Sands M.P who died on hunger strike in 1981 This was followed by "Arthur McBride" a cautionary tale for any military trying to fool a couple of Rovers into joinng the army. Later on we heard "Red Haired Mary" and a humorous story "The Orange and The Green" a story of a child born of a protestant father and a Catholic Mother.  a Dougie Mclean number in the last set as "Caledonia" the story of a returning migrant back to Scotland. A Richard Thompson number to round off  this spot "How will I ever be Simple again" a new old face next up in the form of Phil who was sporting an original Addingham Acoustic Tee Shirt. For those who arent aware "Addingham Acoustic" was the forerunner of our very own Swan Acoustic Session. Phil had a Harmonica strapped under his chin and a cracking twelve string guitar on his lap and launched into "Mole in the Ground" a song new to me but sounded great, Phil then showed a further skill as we were treated to a self penned number "Gravy Train" a story penned after the expenses scandal where duck ponds etc were funded by us taxpayers etc. Good song with a subtle punch and poke at our M.P's.  Joe Strummers "Silver and Gold" received the 12 string treatment and then we had a flash of what was to come later as T'Rex's "Jeepster" rang out to everyones feet tapping. Phil then had us all reaching for the glitter as Marc Bolans "Hot Love" after a short chat about how great both Bolan and T'rex were. Phil then rounded off with "Time for me to Come Home" Thanks Phil it was a breath of fresh air with the sound of twelve strings.

Our very own Human Jukebox James was up as the third of our Trio tonight. We all know James is a veritable Wikipedia of songs and tonight was no exception. "Send Me Some Lovin" a la Sam Cooke and Little Richard. from Rock to country and a Hank Williams Classic "I cant help it if I'm still in love with you" a quick leap up to date with a Paulo Nuttini number "Rewind"now all this from memory and without the aid of a safety net. "Empty Pocket Blues" From The Incredible String Bands Debut album in 1970 penned by Clive Parker I think i heard James say. James then sang a very poignant number made famous by Sandy Denny "Who knows where the time goes" a classic and delivered here in style as James has in spades. James last number was the first song I ever heard him play strangely enough at Addingham Acoustic, "Little Sparrow" I sadly cant recall who it was performed by but I thought it was the Rolling Stones. We then had a rock and Roll Medley with a bit of a Jam before we headed of into the evening air which by the way was still so warm Kath and I went home with the roof down and it was a balmt 24 degrees all the way home. There is no Swan Acoustic Session in August and we will resume on 6th of September. Hope we see more off you then BCW

Posted on July 22, 2016 .