A Very Quiet but Quality Night

I arrived early at The Swan, unusual for me, and no muso's. Was it because of the inclement weather and threat of snow?, or St David's day celebrations, or because the first Tuesday was the first day of the month. I positioned myself next to the log fire and half a pint later James the juke box Porter arrived, followed later by Uton.

James Porter


James started proceedings with a Bee Gee's number, To Love Somebody. Uton next and out of the guitar case came a beautiful International guitar. I could see we in for a treat. The first number was a real slide blues number Mystery Train. Over to James who performed Paris, by Clive Palmer. Mine Host, Amie must have thought we needed sustenance and provided some nibbles to help keep our strength up. And very nice they were too.

Uton was in good form performing many songs, even a request from the Snug:-

Can't Be Satisfied by Muddy Waters.

Started Out With Nothing by Seasick Steve.

Let The Mermaid Flirt With Me by Michael Dowling.

Rolling And Tumbling by Muddy Waters.

Drop Down Mama by Mike Dalrin.

By quest, Knocking on Heavens Door by Bob Dillon.

Falling by The Beatles.

Proud Mary by Clear Water Revival.

Good By Booze by person unknown.

And Finally, Man of Constant Sorrow by his Bobship.

James who was not in best form still suffering chest problems, did us proud and interspersed with:-

Spider and The Fly by The Rolling Stones.

Man of The World by Fleetwood Mac.

Love In Vain by Robert Johnson. 

A good evening was had by all

David B.

Posted on March 2, 2016 .