Old friends, new friends and a great night.

We wandered into The Swan last night having missed the last night. We had a pleasant surprise as our itinerant German folkie Helmut had popped over from Aachen, not only that but he had brought some friends one of whom was the reason the night existed as Tim Morning initially started the older version of our open mic session called Addingham Acoustic. Sadly Tim fell ill and I took the reins and we morphed into Swan Acoustic Session. It was really great to see both of them again. We had some friends and even some audience so off we started.Brian up first with a Pogues  number "Rainy Night in Soho",  this was followed by a Bobby Watt song of an immigrants fear of the dreaded phone call to return home"The Call"

Next up was Helmut complete with a borrowed guitar and singing a more than apt song"Its Good To See  You by Alan  Taylor This was  followed by another Alan Taylor song Los Campaneros. Lively and enthusiastic as always Helmut, well done.

Next up was Barry with a stunning looking Gibson guitar.

Barry is a country music affecianado and first up was If I needed you by Townes van zandt, excellent and then to round off a Dolly Parton  number as"Mountain Angel" a country story teller song. Great stuff Barry

James porter was our next Muso of our small but intrepid band tonight,James  struggled to get his leg over.............. The tall stool and  finally settled on a lower chair before delivering a great version ofl Pauli Nuttinis Candy before settling into country mode with Hank Williams "Still in love with you" well done James and with our small band it was round again.

Brian  with an Acapella song "Deep in my Heart " again by  Bobby Watt and then in honour of Tim who was running the night  when the first song I ever performed out in public "Writings on the wall"

Helmut  returned again and with a nod to the forthcoming St Pats day performed  a Phil Coulter song" The Town I Loved So Well" and then requested we sing  the chorus in a rip roaring

"The hills of Connermara"

Barry  still in country mode with " He rode all the way to Texas" by Hugh Moffat  and with the recent flood waters receding what better than "Muddy Water" by Phil Rosenthal.

James  then brought in a super band with his version of Fleetwood Mac's "Man of the World" ,  and  to round up this spot was a Carole King  number "Natural Woman" but unable to bring himself to sing in a female persona . James altered it to " Natural Man"

Kath  then decided she would sing a song  and accompanied by Brian gave a great rendition of a Dixiechicks number "Landslide" before Brian added another unaccompanied song " Paddy and  The Bricks. From comedy to a classic song by

Helmut ,"Raglan Road" before rounding off his night with a fast version of an Aimee McDonald  song "Where you gonna sleep tonight" Excellent stuff Helmut and a great pleasure to see you.

Barry  then rounded if his contribution with a very pertinent song "The Human Race" by Mensy, Phillips and Dobbins.

"The year that Clayton Delaney died" by Tom Hall was another great country tale song, good stuff as always Barry. James ( The Human Jukebox) finished with a flourish with first a Beatles number" Strawberry Fields" and then another bid to ST Pats day with his interpretation of a great Irish ballad "Whiskey In The Jar" A fitting end or was it? some of the audience were suitably impressed with Kath's singing and begged for another and so never one to disappoint Kath sang "Motherland" and there we ended to a great applause what was a fantastic in quality if not in quantity. We had to leave at this point and I believe there was some more to come which I hope to be informed of.. Well that was that and we shall see you all after Easter



Posted on March 16, 2016 .