Duelling accordians!

Well we had a full house tonight at The Swan tonight with a first and two accordions

Barry Lane

Blogger and KATH were first up with a couple of Christy Moore numbers " Foxy Devil" Followed by " I wish I was in England"


Barry was up next with a bit of finger picking with a bit of Travis style "Picking In Travis" a self penned number. This was followed by a Kate Mackenzie number from her album of twenty years sad to say she now works in a shoe shop but Barry gave us her song " Waiting out the storm" Barry try's never to replicate his material always bringing something fresh each session. thank you Barry.

A long awaited return from Gloria and as we watched her get ready a hush went round the room, never one to disappoint we wondered what we would get from the vast repertoire. First up was The Kinks " Thank you for the days" a song of sacred significance. This was followed by a crackin tune on the guitar and self accompanied." blarney Pilgrim"

Peter Lloyd

A Rabbie burns number played serenely "Ca the Knowes" Welcome back Gloria,don't leave it so long next time.

Peter was another welcome face on his return. "Facing West" by The Staithes Peter has been rapidly cementing a spot at our session and he rounded his spot off with "Emmy Lou by First Aid Kit.

Julian Hyde

One of our first accordions as Julian with his brand new purchased box commenced with a Phil Cunningham air " Loch Katrines Lady He said he was running it in but it sounded fine to me. An Eddie Reader song because of the recent Burn's night celebrations"The Wild Mountainside" written by Eddie's Husband.

Andy Brown

Andy was next up with his dobro telecaster and a tribute to another of our great departed tunesmith "Under The Boardwalk" a Kenny Young number from the Drifters catalogue. An Otis Redding number to round of his spot in his own style " Try a little Tenderness"

A lovely return from an old friend and muso we haven't seen for a considerable time as the second of our accordion players Derry Jones and his comedic songs were a welcome breath of nostalgia for the blogger. "I Want to hear a Song" this was followed by another comedy song and ably accompanying himself " It Takes a Heavy Hammer" Thank you Derry and please come back soon.

Derry Jones

Graeme Morrell was next up, and started with a Nick Lowe number, "I'm a Sensitive Man" followed by a Donovan number "Catch The Wind" done with a slightly different meter which gave new life to this classic number.

One of the benefits of open mic sessions is what collaborations happen just as Craig & Wylie were founded on the back of this session another duo in the form of Pam and Ian who had their first outing at this session a few weeks ago returned tonight and with a new name " Grand Union" Their first number was " Worried Mind" by Eilen Jewell this followed by a Richard Thompson number " Persuasion" a fine blend of guitar styles and voices in harmony. This duo are destined for bigger and better things, so watch out for them in the future!

Pam and Ian aka GRAND UNION

James Porter

James Porter rounded up our First half with "Mardi Gras" which considering his lingering illness was excellently done.


These second half started with The Blogger with "Hero" and a Dubliners song for the end of the night given an early airing" Bugger off you Bastards"


Barry returns with a song cut short at the last session "Bringing Mary Home" by Duffey & Kingston, a sad tale of a ghostly child and a car wreck. Barry finished off his nights spot with a Wayne Raney number "A Lot Less Rock and Roll. Well done Barry.


Gloria returned and started her second half with a lively Celtic melody " Carolans argument with his landlady"" followed by an Irish air on guitar "Tambhair do Dom Lambh" or "Give me your Hand" Gloria rounded off her spot with " Jumping Jack Flash and Alan Macpherson Moss Park and what a great version it was, thanks again Gloria. Get yourself back soon. Sadly Derry had to go as he currently resides in Harrogate, so next up was our own Peter and he commenced his second half spot with" All My Tears" by Emmy Lou Harris. Peter finished off his spot tonight with a Suzanne Vega number " My name is Luka" Peters playing had grown stronger each and every time. Well done Peter.


Julian then back again with his latest acquisition Julian can play the box, sing and play Mandola, not at the same time obviously, another Burns number on the box this time"Lassie lie near me" Julian rounded his spot off with a triple tune finale "Wee Michaels March" , "The boys of the Puddle" and finally a rattling tune"Franks Reel" excellent stuff as always Julian.


Andy back up now and in his own inimitable style gave us his last two offerings of the night , a spring song to banish the winter blues"Some days it All goes so Easy" and rounded up his spot with a uptempo punk sounding"Undressed to The Nines" both these numbers were self penned. Good stuff Andy.


Graeme up again with his Collings guitar and a Al Stewart number " Old Compton St Blues" Sadly no Michael Chapman so far tonight but we haven't finished yet. Hurrah ! here we go"It Aint So " by the maestro Michael Chapman a tribute in style and interpretation to a great guitarist and ably mimicked by Graeme. Well done Graeme.


Grand Union returned to finish their evening spot at our session?beginning with a Teddy Thompson song "Don't Know What I was Thinking" and to finish off a song from Della Mae " Boston Town" a fitting end for Ian and Pam from strength for these two it is a great match. Their finale was a song from The Travelling Wilburys and a sing song for our audience" The End Line" Great stuff and good luck with whatever the future brings you.

The human jukebox James brought our session to a close this week, and none other than a Damien Rice number" Delicate" and that brought our excellent evening to a close. As we left the warmth of The Swan and out into the cold night our hearts were warned by the evening of if music, banter and Craic. Until next time be good or be careful! BCW

Posted on February 3, 2016 .