You've Had Your Chips



Well it was all change at the Swan tonight. I was not the only person who thought that they may have got the wrong night or even the wrong place. A room full of diners greeted us as we arrived along with decorators, log fires and plates of chips!


Having scared off a number of the guests who were out for a quiet evening meal Brian W started proceedings with Only Our Rivers Run Free by persons unknown  followed by a Seamus Egan number Michael Conway. Both played in Brian's inimitable style. It was noted that Brian is in need of a page turner.


A first at SAS - a chef was spotted crossing the room!

Mike Craig


Next up was the welcome return of a former SAS regular Mike Craig. Pay Me My Money Down (Bruce Springsteen / Pete Seeger etc) was his first song. Daniel Lanoit wrote Mike's second song Rocky World. I think Mike was trying to demonstrate that he had been learning new songs in his absence!


Barry Lane

Barry Lane was the next with more of his trademark country songs. Don't Tell Me. A Country Boy Can't Sing the Blues by Stu Page (from Leeds) was first. Gretchen Peters (not from Leeds) wrote his next song What do I care If You Go. Nice relaxed style as always.



Gloria up next (literally as she was perched on the top of the bench corner unit). With the ringing low base from what I assume to be a low C bottom string we were treated to Dear Landlord from his Bobship followed by O'Carolans Quarrel With His Landlady (a tune played by Gloria not an altercation t the bar).


Graeme Morrell

Blogger next with A Lucinda Williams (my new favourite artiste!) East Side of Town and an instrumental version of The Beatles Oh Darling.


Nice to see James Porter back to full fitness and performing 2 songs a set again. Canadee-I-O (Bob Dylan version) and Michelle Shock Russian Roulette.


Break now nod an early finish in prospect!


Part Deux commenced with Brian W playing The Call by Bobby Watt, after which the guitar was relegated to arm rest whilst the big B sang an unaccompanied song Deep In My Heart (also by Bobby Watt).


Mike C (with background accompaniment from big B) played an old favourite, The Pines Are Dancing by AA Bondi. Another new song followed (along with some high tech issues concerning passwords, tablets no SIM cards - best not ask) The Great Lakes of Love by John Smith which was in no way compromised by the aforementioned technical issues. Really good to see you back Mike - don't leave it so long next time!


Barry Lane now performed  a tale of infidelity called Carolyn At The Broken Wheel Inn by Jimmy Rushing / Bob McDill which was a hit for Larry Cordless and John Starling ( I love it when I get a written statement of the song played!). A not so brief run down of Barry's medical history led nicely into his next song Heart Trouble by Johnney Wright and Jack Anglin.


Gloria's turn again with firstly a traditional song steeped with local references Bonnets of Blue. Still perched on high, this was followed by an anything but traditional song, Baggy Trousers by Madness. Talk about contrasting styles!


Blogger having another go with John Hiatt's Blues Can't Find Me and then Al Stewart's tale of mutiny on the high seas The Dark And Rolling Sea.


Our Jukebox in residence James started his second slot with a slower than usual version of Whiskey In The Jar. An explosive end to James' second spot with Volcano by Damian Rice.

James Porter


Still quite early so a little extra from Gloria on flute playing some reels etc with various accompaniment. Gloria did give an indication of the keys used in the tunes but as far as Brian was concerned she might as well have been giving out the shoe sizes of the local scout pack.


Finally a rousing Peggy Sue, Proud Mary and Roll Over Beethoven brought the evening to an enjoyable close.

A Rousing finish

Yet again another really enjoyable SAS!

Graeme M

Posted on February 18, 2016 .