Bye Bye 2016

Well the last Swan Acoustic Session of the year and here we gathered round the proverbial fire which due to the temperate climate we are currently enduring wasn't lit.

Blogger was first up with a Jim Croce song"Lovers across" A Christmas song followed by John McCutcheon"Christmas In The Trenches" this song recanted the moment during the First World War when both sides sang and then met in no mans land- a fact denied by the establishment even today.

Andy Brown  was next up with his Fender Dobro and his first offering was " Here it is Merry Xmas" This was followed by a miserable song( his words)"One Two Many Mornings" Andy is the master of Angst songs and his repertoire is endkesss in this particular genre.

James (The Jukebox) Porter gave us a Paul Simon song "Diamonds on The Soles of Her Shoes" he followed this with "Strawberry Fields" by the Beatles, it never ceases to amaze the gathered muso's the vast repertoire James has.

Our resident master picker was up next Graeme Morrell, and his first song of the night had a Christmas theme,"Shaking these Christmas Blues " by Brooke's Williams a very mellow number befitting the mood and the occasion. A Paul Carrack number next with" Living Years" a sad and poignant number relaying the feeling of the loss of a father and the things we wished we had said and the regret at not taking the opportunity at the time.

Barry was next, this man has a penchant for country songs and in particular story songs so with bated breath we awaited his efforts tonight. First up was " Travelling Light" a parody of that cracking song by Cliff Richards  his First hit in 1959. His second offering was "song for little fe by Rodney Crowell.


Ian Pucknell now back in the fold after a lay off and fired up by setting a little studio in his home made us aware of the musical luminaries we had lost in 2016 and with this in mind gave us a rendition of a song for the Cuban leader Fidel Castro " Los Campeneros" by Alan Taylor. Ian rounded up his spot with an Austrian Song first heard in the trenches of the First World War and his Christmas song was " Silent Night" and as an instrumental was sublime and lard into a vocal rendition. Harking back nearly 100 years a very evocative song indeed. Well done Ian.

Kath a reluctant participant at times put the blogger through his paces with asking prior to leaving home and it was with some trepidation we commenced on a long overdue rendition of "Gaudete"

A stranger to the group tonight but no stranger to the blogger Rachael Crolla  her first song was an Irish traditional song "Carrickfergus" accompanied by blogger on whistle. Our first half was rounded off by a very apt song" A man you won't meet every day. Excellent stuff Rachael That ended our first half.


The second half commenced with a tune written by the blogger for an old friend now sadly passed and accompanied by this gentlemans daughter we had a tune in memory of my mentor and friend Dave Crolla" Crollas Reel" was followed by a Jack Savoretti  song "Dr Frankenstein "

Andy Brown back up now with something new and we had to imagine a long haired twenty year old performing this number and as he started " Budapest" by  George Ezra,  it was hard to imagine Andy as a twenty year old. His final song of tonight's session was " Don't you want me baby" by our South Yorkshire band The Human League, sadly there was no takers for the female lead in this particular version. Well done Andy

James Porter again for his final spot and we had " Bring it on Home to me" a San Cooke song here given the Porter treatment and what a good version it was. To round off his spot tonight James gave us " Empty Pocket Blues" by Clive Palmer,  a very apt song at this time of year 4 days before Christmas. Well done James.

Back to Graeme for another Christmas song "Last Christmas" it's a rare occasion to have a George Michael song at our session but somehow this seemed to fit perfectly in our session tonight. A Paul Carrack song to round off his spot and with accompanying whistles"Over my Shoulder"

Back to our resident cowboy Barry whose country repertoire is akin to James jukebox anthology. Barry finished his set off with  "Train leaves here this Morning by Guy Clark and Bernie Leyden and " If You Needed Me by Townes Van Zandt.

Excellent stuff Barry.

Ian Pucknell now with a Guy Clark number "Let it Roll" Ian's final number was " Always on my mind" great stuff Ian see you next year.

To complete our night Rachael gave us "Four Strong Winds by " Ian Tyson and finished with "White Christmas "


A bit ofCommunity singing to finish with " Let it Snow , Let it Snow" and wishing each other a Merry and happy Christmas we made our way home.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our participants in this session for all their efforts throughout 2016 and for supporting the session through thick and thin. We have missed our M.C David and as a  group we wish him a better year in 2017. Have a peaceful Christmas and a prosperous New Year, see you in 2017 at The Swan in Addingham.



Posted on December 20, 2016 .