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Well another missing blog from our last outing so this time I am trying to do it as we go. We just had remembrance on Sunday so the openers tonight had that theme. First up was a First World War song by the blogger"John Condon" a story about the story of the youngest soldier to die in the First World War. Although widely disputed, what can't be in disputed is his grave is one of the most visited in Belgium. 14 years old to die a soldier!


Second song was from the same period tells the story of the 300 soldiers who were shot for cowardice in the First World War. Today it's called P.T.S.D then it got you a firing squad. Reg Meuross composed "And Jesus Wept" to tell their story.


Next up was an old familiar face who hadn't been for a while. Mike Craig. His first effort was a Springsteen version of "Pay Me My Money Down" second on the rank was a Steve Earle song "Galway Girl" Well done Mike don't leave it so long next time.



Rapidly becoming a regular up next was Nigel, an old friend who is rapidly finding his feet performing in public and I have to keep remembering this is only his third outing. Nigel gave us a couple of Harvey Andrews numbers. First up was "Soldier" a story from 1972 of a soldier who gave his life to save civilians in Springfield Road Station by covering a bomb in a suitcase with his body. Next was " Writer of Songs" both these numbers exhibiting Nigel's growing confidence and stature and belief in his ability. Well done Nigel.


Next in our circle of muso's was our local jukebox James Porter. James is renowned for his seemingly endless repertoire of popular songs. Knight was no exception James first song was a Bob Dylan Number "I'll Be Your Baby Tonight" another Bob for his second effort as Bob Marleys "Redemption sing" excellent stuff James and more to come later.

Our finger picking Maestro up next Graeme Morrell, keeping with our remembrance theme recanted "Gallipoli " the story of the ill fated landings by the Anzacs at Gallipoli. Where the Aussie troops were blasted by Turkishartillery. Graeme's next number was a Del Amitri number about being dumped, "If I ever Loved You". A new one on me but beautifully delivered . Well done Graeme.



Barry was up next, Barry had a penchant for country songs and if James is our pop jukebox then Barry is the "Country " section in the juke box. First up was "More Than A name on The Wall" by Jimmy Fortune,  another song in our remembrance commemoration. This was a mothers tribute to her son, who never came home. Barry's final song of our first half was "He rode all the way to Texas" by Hugh Moffat.


Second half had Kath deciding to do a Tanita Tickram number "Good Tradition"  this immediately followed by a Mary Gauthier song "Walk Through The Fire" unrehearsed but a cracking song. More please . The blogger followed by doing a Leonard Cohen number in memory of the great man dying earlier this week. "Sisters of Mercy" this was followed by a Neil Ingram penned song "Nearly Man"

Mikes second half set began with a AA Bondi number, "The Pines are Dancing"  Mike was then joined by the Blogger on whistle for "Westport Whistler" An opportunity for a practice before the AcousticCollective gig this weekend.


James up next with a Paul Simon number "Slip Slidin Away" a great version as always. James final song for tonight was a Damien Rice number "Delicate" a great finale for James.


Graeme was our penultimate music and first up was a classic standard " Will you still Love Me Tomorrow" by Carole King. Unusual choice but delivered with style and aplomb. A final tribute from Graeme tonight to the master"Hallelujah " a fitting tribute!


Barry finished our night off with a couple of country numbers, first up was "The Midnight Special" by Creedance Clearwater Revival. To round up our session for the night a final country song" Mountain Angel" covered by Dolly Parton. A fitting finale to a great night with a nice atmosphere and open fire, some drinks, some craic, good friends, music! What else is there!!!!



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Posted on November 15, 2016 .