The New Landlords Amy & Johnny

In fairness I have been meaning to do the blog for quite some time but due to my general late arrival the duties had already been delegated at the last few SAS sessions so I did not have too much to complain about when Big B pointed the figure my way and gave me that look.


Tonight was the first night with The Swan under new captaincy in the form of landlords Amy and Johnny - let's hope they continue the good work done by Ian & Nicki (first impressions are encouraging).


A small turn out was complimented by a large log fire.



In customary manner Brian kicked things off with one of his favourites "Don't Let The Sun Catch You Crying" followed by a brand new song for him (only the second time he had played it in his life - who would have guessed?) "Sorrow" written by the McCoys but made famous by The Merseys.


Barry Lane was the next performer on his guitar recently acquired from the Skipton Guitar Fair (of which I had never heard but Barry filled me in) playing in his usual relaxed country style firstly an amusing little ditty called Talking Guitar Blues by Cisco Hewston followed by "The Richest Poor Boy in Town" by Waylon Jennings.



More players turning up now.



John Mayer's In Your Atmosphere (in open E tuning) was the first offering from newcomer Jack Fletcher and very good it was too. The E Tuning led to a swap of guitars and the next song in standard tuning was played on Barry's guitar. Free Falling by Tom Petty was ably performed. Both performances were very well received - looking forward to the second half for more!



Blogger up next with Bob Dylan's "Simple Twist of Fate" (which was met with some disbelief that his Bobship could write a song like that!) and Bryan (not Ryan - to settle a dispute in the Wylie household!) Adams' You Belong To Me. Two absolutely spellbinding performances - (doing a the blog does have its advantages!)


James The Juke Porter had the unenviable task of following the previous brilliant performance but in reality managed to do so very well with Bob Marley's Waiting in Vain. Only one from James in this half due to a nasty cough.




Andy Brown, inspired by the unfortunate death of Glen Fry, started with the Eagles "Lyin' Eyes" played on his (Andy's not Glen's) resonator/telecaster. Regular attendees will be familiar with Andy's self confessed gravitation towards the morbid and miserable so you will not be surprised to know that his next offering was from (the also recently departed from this world) David Bowie - Ziggy Stardust led into the break.


Part deux started with Brian fingerpicking an Ivan Drever song "I Will Be There". Now Brian seemed very concerned about fingerpicking in public but he really had no need to worry! "Sailor Town" by Anthony Toner was Brian's last offering with what may well be a first at SAS - performing from words and music hand written for Brian by the original composer! 


Barry Lane (every inch the country music star- but where is the big hat and sequinned jacket?) started his second spot with "Train Leaves Here This Morning" by Bernie Leadon & Guy Clark followed by a song which apparently was written in England a very long time ago, went to America and other parts of the world and ended up back in England "Handsome Molly"


Jack Fletcher continued with the high quality of his first half but rather surprisingly his first song was not by some modern singer songwriter but "You Are My Sunshine" by nobody was sure who but it was first recorded in 1939. Change of tuning again but not a change of guitar this time for "Benevolent Nostalgia" written by Jack Fletcher (the sharp eyed will have spotted that is also the name of the performer before us tonight). Great stuff.


Blogger on again with, to mark the great Michael Chapman's 75th birthday, "One Time Thing" and "Naked Ladies and Electric Ragtime".


James Porter played "Rock and Roll Suicide" - no, I am not saying it was rubbish, it was a David Bowie song and it was anything but rubbish. Just one again from James - we all hope you are back to full health soon. Spoke too soon - James was persuaded to do "Little Sparrow".


To round things off came Andy Brown with a song by someone who has not just died - perhaps even more surprisingly it was was a song by Newton Faulkner - "Dream Catch Me". This was followed by a self penned number describing his experiences whilst standing for Parliament in the last election called "Fake Sincerity" - from the title you will gather that Andy did not get elected!


Capt. Wylie decreed that, as it was still quite early, we should do one more each. This gave Brian the opportunity to play the song that he wrote that came second in the English 2013 song writing competition (honestly!) regarding the Irish famine entitled, perhaps unsurprisingly, Famine Song. Such talent in our midst!


Barry played Wild Mountain Flower by Allen Mills (thought that was a place where you could buy cheap curtains). Jack performed Cry by Jamestown Storey with aplomb - do come back again Jack. Blogger gave the audience the choice of Come on Over To My Place (The Drifters) or The Weight (The Band) and due to the split vote ended up doing both. James played a great version of Strawberry Fields Forever! Andy finished the evening with The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down (another song by The Band).


Next SAS is Tuesday 2nd February - hope it is as much fun as tonight has been!


G M 

Posted on January 20, 2016 .