Holiday Mode Again



I suppose that if one is to do the blog a nice quiet night is the best time to be get roped in to it. I was with my mate Dave Artus from London at the weekend. Some may remember Dave from a few visits he has had over the years and he did comment that he probably would not bother coming again (he calls when he is working in the locality) as there always seem to be too many performers! I put him straight regarding recent attendances. I presume this is just a reflection of the propensity for people to disappear to far flung places over the summer.


One think that I have learnt over the years at SAS is that regardless of numbers attending everyone always has a good time and tonight was no exception.


Brian Wylie starting things going with one of his own songs, Famine Song (I had thought this was an Ivan Drever song but apparently the the Ivan Drever song Brian was referring to was coming up next). The Ivan Drever song (no, not Orkney's entry into the Eurovision Song Contest, although it may have had more success if it had been!) I'll Be There was played admirably although Mr W seemed less than content and moved on to Jim Croce's I Have To Say I Love You In A Song.


Mrs W followed using James P's guitar (with a neck slightly narrower than anything she is used to - not surprising as I always thought that Mr B's neck was pretty wide) and played Mary Guathier's Walk Into The Fire which included one of Kath's pet hates - an F major chord- and then Love and Hate Tinita Tickeram.


A Carter family song  from May 1928 John Hardy was Barry Lane's first song admirably played on his natural Gibson J200. This was followed by another Carter family song New River Train. Many thanks for the written song titles!


James 'Juke Box' Porter up next offering firstly Summertime (very seasonal although not really reflecting the actual weather we are currently experiencing) and secondly a traditional song called "Careless Love" - not too often do we see James fingerpicking but it was done with aplomb.


Just as I sit listening to James finish off his last song I have been reading the above a noted that I have not really commented on how well all the songs have been performed so this paragraph is to correct that omission.


Blogger up last to finish off the first half (I sense an early night is coming). Bob Dylan's "I Threw It All Away" was followed by John Hiatt's Have A Little Faith.


Apparently I was not last before the break as we were treated to two poems by Kevin Byrne, the first being Miss Alice Lean (she with the half blind cat) and a tale of Sandra and Ernie's trip to Blackpool. 

Now the break!

Following exchanges of grandchildren photos, Brian started the second half with an old favourite of his (and ours) Don't Let The Sun Catch You Crying by Scouse Gerry and John Condon by R. Laird / S. Starrett / T. McRory (yes, I have got access to Google).

Motherland by Natalie Merchant was a very good second half start for Kath Wylie - this is one of my favourite songs that Kath sings. We could not tempt her to sing again; obviously the old showbiz rule - leave them wanting more - came into play.

Introduced by a brief history of the Carter family, Barry gave us two more of their songs - Hello Stranger and Cannon Ball Blues. Great stuff.

JP started his second set with a Keith Richards / Rolling Stones song You Got The Silver (not heard this one before)  followed by, keeping on the Stones theme, Love In Vain, although this was originally penned by Robert Johnson. More nice fingerpicking from James.

Blogger amazed by playing a couple of songs without the need for iPad! Naked Ladies And Electric Ragtime, an instrumental by Michael Chapman and Old Admirals by Al Stewart.

Kevin completed the regular rounds with two short poems with names far too long to for any blogger to get down.

As it was reasonably early we had a couple of rousing Stones songs, The Last Time and It's All Over Now on which everyone joined in.

All in all a most enjoyable evening.

Just a reminder that there will be NO SAS in August, the next session being Tuesday 1st September see you then and enjoy the summer!

Graeme M

Posted on July 22, 2015 .