James Porter

A small but refined band of musicians sought refuge in our local hostelry The Swan in Addingham. As the holiday season decimated our numbers it was nice to see some old familiar faces, not in years but merely the fact that they hadn’t been around to perform for some considerable time. There was a slight change in format as we settled around one of the larger tables and just did a number each. Blogger, James Porter, Ian Taylor ,JP Boyle and King Puck himself Ian Pucknell. Ad nauseum.

What was unusual was that we all probably had in our heads the songs we would have done under normal circumstances but then altered to suit tonights set up. Blogger did “Let Me Go” by Family of the year. Sailortown by Anthony Toner, “Joanna” by Jon Allen” Michael Conway” by Solas

James (The Jukebox ) Porter “You make me feel like a natural Man”  by Carole King“Strawberry Fields”  by some Liverpool Band.and a great version of Paul Simons’ “Mardi Gras”  and  “My Girl” and rounded off his night with one of the first songs I heard him perform “Wake up Little Sparrow” by Devendra Benhart. Still a great rendition of a beautiful song.

Ian Taylor

Ian Taylor a one time regular to the old Addingham Acoustic session the fore runner of Swan acoustic Session, had face booked to say he would be there and as usual didn’t disappoint with some great material. “Secet Heart” by Ron Sexsmith, “Love Shines” again by Ron and as Ian explained he had got into listening to him. Boo Hewerdines’ “Patience of Angels” and to my shame I forget the other song Ian did? My memory tells me it might have been “Widdicombe Fair” I’m sure someone will correct me if that’s wrong. I am hoping he is listening to Lindisfarne between now and the next session as he gives a first class version of their material and with an authentic accent to boot. Well done Ian and welcome back.

Ian Pucknell

King Puck was next up and as we hadn’t seen Ian for quite some time it was a treat for all of us.  “Lady take your time” and another favourite this time resplendent in his hat, “ A couple of years on you Baby” and my favourite “Dallas Alice” and “If we said Goodbye” Ian and his wife Babs haven’t been for a long time so it was a lovely treat to see both and hear Ian perform again. Don’t leave it so long next time both of you.

JP Boyle

An old friend was the last one to be reported on  tonight. JP Boyle and  a couple of friends joine us tonight. “Fake Plastic Tree” by Radiohead was equally followed by a Stephen Fretwell song “Scar” A rare song next with the “F” word featuring predominantly “We’re going to new York” again by Seven Fretwell and a cracking Christy Moore Song “Bright Blue Rose” by Jimmy McCarthy. There we have it a quiet but interesting night with an abundance of different material.

Hopefully we will see a few more of the regulars next time before the bloger goes for his own holiday. BCW

Posted on July 13, 2015 .