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A quiet night at SAS and no volunteers for the blog. Our key man Brian Wylie was missing,suffering from exaustion after battling against wind and rain on a motor cycle trip from the wilds of Scotland. The numbers were low but th quality was high as usual.


Brian Rhodes

 First up was Brian Rhodes, well it had to be a Brian had'nt it. 1st song was Story Book followed by a self penned number Your Kiss. After the break Brian followed on with Who Says by John Meyer, from the Battle Studies Album, and Set Down Your Glass by Snow Patrol.


Barry Lane

Next up was Barry Lane who is becoming a regular supporter of SAS and writes down the numbers he is going to do, in the most impecable hand writing to help the blogger.1st number Don't Tell Mama by Brock, Laseter and Williams. Barry modified the lyrics a little to tell the tale of a man driving off the A59, the worse for drink. 2nd number Carolyn at the Broken Wheel Inn, by Jimmy Rushing and Bob McDill. After the break Barry gave us Golden Guitar by Bill Anderson and Devil On The Plough by John Pennell and Harley Allen. During the break there was a deep cussion between  Barry and Graeme about Golden Guitars.

Andy Brown


Next up Andy Brown with a Ben E King number Stand By Me. Ben  King has passed away recently and theme seemed to be developing this evening about people passing away. 2nd number was self penned by Andy, I Wonder Why I Did'nt Dare. Second half Andy gave us Hey There Delilah by the Plain White T,s, and Walking in Memphis by Mark Cohn. 


Frances White

Frances White up next, on the Harp and not one you suck and blow. A new Irish reel to Frances Come West Along The Road followed by Scarborough Fair  and Morning. Frances stayed for the second half and gave us an Irish Jig, Haste To The Wedding followed by Blarney Pilgrim.


Graeme Morrell

Last but not least was Graeme Morrell with Joni Mitchel number, Woodstock followed by Paul Wellers You Do Something To Me. In the second half we were treated to Al stuarts Not The One. Followed by Don McCleans Stary Stary Night.

Every performer had done 4 numbers but the night was still young, well fairley. Those who could stay had another go. Brian Rhodes did a traditional song House of The Rising Sun. Barry Lane gave us Long Black Vail. Andy Brown, Every time We Say Goodbye. Graeme Morrell invited all to join him in a rendition of a Don McClean number Americam Pie, so continuing the theme of death.

A good evening was had by all, and I hope my PC can spell better than I.

David Brimacombe 

Posted on June 5, 2015 .