A quiet but productive night at the Swan


Well the holiday season always has a knockon effect on our session , two of our stalwarts had informed me of their absence. It was a pleasure to see a familiar face in the shape of Frank The Harp and his huge harp and that was just the beginning. Blogger, Kath, Andy, James, Frank was enough to have a nice little round of songs and tunes along with our MC David.

Blogger up First and a long forgotten song from a old repertoire, “I Wish that I was in England” an old Christ Moore song that hadn’t seen light of day for some years. “Let Me Go” by Family of The Year was next and both were performed to rapturous applause from…………………………….. our assembled throng.

Andy Brown

Frank The Harp

Frank the Harp up next with his beautiful harp and those who have witnessed his playing knew we were in for a great session. Having previously discussed both Kath and my favourite tune and this prompted Frank to play “Eleanor Plunkett” by the famous blind harpist Turlough O’Carolan and followed by a tune I hope never to have come true, “Farewell to Whiskey” From Ireland to Scotland as a Johnny Cunningham (Phils Brother) tune “Eleanor of Usen” written foe the husband of Eleanor in order to enshrine her memory, and a beautiful tune it is. very Emotive and played excellently. Well done Frank..

Andy Brown next with his talking point tricone Fender like guitar. A van Morrison song was his first offering and as “It Stoned  Me” drifted off we were then treat to an Eagles number as “Lyin Eyes” and a lovely sound from the guitar which belies its heritage. Andy then taken by my Che T-shirt then informed us that being a bad dentist was the reason that Che was  ambushed in Bolivia. Apparently two of his men had toothache and he promised to sort them out the following day but they absconded to the Federales and informed on his whereabouts. You never know what you will learn at The Swan in AddinghamGreat stuff Andy.

James  Porter next up now recovered from an illness and keen to make up for lost time gave us an unusal version of an Irish standard “Whiskey in The Jar” and James then hopefully not referring to his recent illness launched  into “I Might Die Tonight”


Kath then gave us a rare treat with an Eleanor McEvoy song “Suffer so Well” which is rapidly becoming foremost in her growing repertoire. Well done we will try and get you a more proficient accompanist  next time.

We then went round again and Blogger kicked off with a Belfast song penned by Anthony Toner about a long gone area of Belfast “Sailortown” was then followed by a self penned song about the famine march in Mayo in the 1840’s “Famine Song”

Frank then gave us another couple of tunes with “Farewell to Fioruinn” (I hope) and a session standard “Mist covered Mountain” another pair of tunes “South Wind” and  a Wild Geese Favourite ‘Fanny Power”. Frank was able to give us one more before the end of the night as “Night in That Land” reverberated around the room. Thanks Frank and it was great to see you again. Don’t leave it so long next time.

Andy back up and straight into a Springsteen number “Hungry Heart” and staying with Americana rolled into “The night they drove old Dixie Down” by The Band from 1969 giving the Andy Brown twist. There was still time for a Leonard Cohen song “Hey that’s no way to say Goodbye” but sadly it was. Thanks Andy

James Back again and definitely making up for time lost,  a Damien Rice number this time “Delicate” and then to a Carole King Number “Will you Still Love Me Tomorrow” and finished off in the nicest sense with the first song I heard James perform at the old Addingham Acoustic “The Spider and the Fly” by the Rolling Stones. Thanks James and nice to hear you are a lot better.

Round to Kath again as the night drew to a close, this time it was a Dixie Chicks Number as “Landslide” another addition to her repertoire echoed around the room and ably accompanied by her other half. More Please!

Blogger with an old sixties song from Gerry and the Pacemakers “Don’t Let The Sun catch You Crying” and that was it for another night at Swan Acoustic Session until the next time BCW

Posted on June 22, 2015 .