A quiet but quality night


Well we were due a quiet night and tonight appears to be one of the quietest on record. By 9.00 just 4 performers (a good night to be doing the blog methinks!). Looks like it turning into a very laid back night. 

Brian Wylie   

Brian Wylie


Brian, as is the custom, started proceedings with a song by Anthony Toner called Sailor Town. As we were informally sat around the tables, Kath's arms had to act as a makeshift music stand. Then came (as far as I am aware) a first from Mr W - an instrumental on the guitar and very good it was too. Is There Anybody There by Pink Floyd and very good it was too.

Barry Lane

Barry Lane was our second performer (or third from last depending on how you look at it). He started with a Waylon Jennings song Young Widow Brown. Barry did give an explanation of the song but unfortunately I was concentrating on the paragraph above so missed too much of the detail to relate it here, suffice to say everyone seemed very interested in it. This was followed by Townes van Zant's If I Need You which Barry described as probably his most well known song, although I must confess that I was about to start typing Pancho and Lefty after he said that - just shows how little I know about TvZ.

James Jukebox Porter was on third (now that really must be a record!), starting with Paul Simon's Take Me To The Mardi Gras (without the Tijuhana Brass tonight). This was followed by To Love Somebody originally by the Bee Gees but tonight by JjbP and very good it was.

Last up was blogger (and it wasn't even 9.30 - looking forward to a nice early finish!) who played two older style classics (although looking at the average age of the audience as suspect these were viewed as modern hits!). Firstly The Everly Brothers Let It Be Me and then The Mamas & Papas Dream A Little Dream of Me.

Kath & Brian

Aha - not quite the interval as (due to the small numbers I think) Kath was persuaded to sing a song accompanied by Brian (would she have needed less persuading. If she was not to be accompanied by Brian?!). Suffer So Well by Eleanor McEvoy was the song and had nothing to do with being married to Brian.

After a pleasant chat during the interval Brian started the second half with a bit of comedy playing Credence Clearwater Revival's Bad Moon Rising in the style of Rev Ian Paisley!
Keeping on a light hearted theme Always Look On The Bright Side was accompanied by much whistling and smiling (but not at the same time as I am sure that is a physical impossibility!)

Barry turned to crime with Burglar Man by writer unknown but still maintaining the amusing theme. When I Call Your Name by Vince Gill ably rounded off Barry's second spot in his customary laid back country style.

Well she is not on any jukeboxes that I have looked at but Michelle Shocked wrote the song Russian Roulette that James performed for us (it appears that everyone else in the room has heard of this particular Michelle so please excuse my ignorance). Now I am on familiar territory with Fleetwood Mac's (actually written by John Mercis Jnr) Need Your Love So Bad and I felt this was one of the best performances I have heard from James - well done.

Graeme Morrell

Blogger completed the "standard" schedule of two sets of 2 songs with With A Little Help From My Friends by The Beatles and (there had to be one of his in there somewhere!) Michael Chapman's version of No One Left To Care.

As it was early things continued in an informal manner with Brian first singing an unaccompanied song (soon to be an accompanied song once he has learnt the chords) The Call by Bobby Watts and then Don't Let The Sun Catch You Crying by a certain Mr G Marsden (who apparently used to live in Bradford).

Barry has been singing Canon Ball Blues by the Carter Family for most of his life (including at the Topic folk club in Bradford in the mid-sixties) and we were treated to his version tonight, quickly followed by I'm Going To Live Forever by somebody that Google failed to identify!

James Porter

Robert Johnson / Rolling Stones Love In Vain started round three for James (unusually for the Juke he was fingerpicking this one). Fingerpicking again just to prove me wrong came Little Sparrow by Ella Jenkins which was not only the first song that James played at SAS but was also the first song he ever learnt (not sure if this was inspired by Barry singing one of his oldest songs). 

Blogger completed his sets with Hattie McDaniel at The Oscars 1939 by Rod Clemence and Al Stewart's On The Border (see what you missed whilst watching the cricket in the West Indies John W!) .

This most enjoyable evening was finished off with a communal version of No Woman No Cry and then we departed at (surprisingly) 11.00pm

Graeme M

Posted on April 22, 2015 .