The Calm before the Storm

The Calm being the small band of people that came tonight, the Storm being the avalanche of people I expect will be coming for our final session before Christmas on the 15th and I hope I will not be the only one sporting a Christmas Jumper this time.


First up as usual Brian with a nice song “The Flower Seller” by Harry O’Donoghue
complete with a mention of Christmas. I would have loved to hear Brian do a duet with himself, playing whistle on this one.
Kath in fine voice then joined Brian for a version of “Landslide” by Stevie Nicks

Barry Lane was up next, and if ever someone was meant to sing Country, Barry is your man, with the perfect delivery for this genre of music. I have some Country CD’s mostly my Dad’s old collection, but I am mostly in awe of the number of great songs written by Hank Williams.
Barry gave us “Out Among The Stars” by Adam Mitchell and “Don’t Tell Me” by a
British Country singer named Stu Page.



Next up and somewhat of a counterpart to Barry was Pam Johnson, again a born country singer, with a sweet voice. Pam often sings Country style songs but when I once asked who a song was by, instead of an American writer she said it was someone from a nearby village (Silsden I think) you just never know.
Pam gave us “You Are My Rock N Roll (And Some)” then “Cold Bitter Tears” by Ted Hawkins.


James Porter up now, I may be known as the Jukebox but I am finding I can’t remember all the songs I have done, so I have to re-learn some of them now, apart from my own firm favourites. Anyhow I did “Corrina Corrina” surely a traditional song as there are versions with different words. Then I did “Whiskey in The Jar” a popular Irish song with many versions. Mine has been described as an ‘unusual version’ I was a bit unsure how to take this at first (being a bit thin skinned) but I am hoping it was meant in a good way.

Graham up next with the sixties classic “The Sea Of Heartbreak” wrote by Paul Hampton and Hal David. Then “The Way We Mend A Broken Heart” by John Hiatt’
The latter was new to me, but both good country style songs performed well.

We had two newcomers next, Anne and Martin on Fiddle and Concertina.
They first performed “Mr Thompson” which went seamlessly into “Rochester Castle”
(I hope I got that right) Then Martin sang “The Luckiest Sailor” a new one to me, but it came across very well. I think they were a little perturbed that their music may not have been the norm here, but as regulars here will know, we like all kinds of music. 



Brian & Kath again with “You Suffer” by Eleanor Mcevoy a good song I have heard Kath do before. Then a poignant song from Brian “John Condon” a song about a 14 year old boy who joined the Army mainly for a new pair of boots and was the youngest to be killed, after lying about his age to join up. Makes you stop and think
as we now enter the Syrian Conflict.

We then had Country time once more with Barry singing “The Troubadour” written by Cindy Walker, Then “Last Train From Poor Valley” Norman Blake and from Pam songs by Michael Myers & Mary Gauthier. After being a little undecided on the key for one she sang acappella and nice it was too. 

James again with an old song newly learned “Empty Pocket Blues” (I just can’t get this song out of my head lately) written and sung by Clive Palmer one time Incredible String Band member. Bob Marley next “No Woman No Cry” luckily I remembered my missing capo after one verse or it could have been a bit of a disaster.


Graham sang a Dylan song next “Buckets Of Rain” a great song from the “Blood On The Tracks” album, considered to be his best album by many, written after the end of a relationship. Next song “Rabbit Hills” surely he can give Michael Chapman ‘a run for his money’ with that superb guitar work.

Anne and Martin next both playing ‘Concertinas’ I would have said ‘Squeezeboxes’
but I was corrected. The tune had ‘Brighton’ in the title not sure about the rest but it was very pleasant. Then Martin sang alone again “The Thin Green candle. (I Think)

Last round up

Brian “The Agricultural Irish Girl” funny song about being crushed under a 12 stone Irish girl (I have been there, not funny, but managed to escape) 

Anne & Martin

Barry “The Human Race” Pam “Ease My Worried Mind” Graham “Northern Lights” 
James “In The Jailhouse Now” Anne & Martin “The Butterfly”
I also had a written down Floating Across (something) which was probably from Anne & Martin. Apologies for any mistakes, I was mainly drinking Shandy, but
I think my hearing, after working in noisy areas is not what it was.

I am looking forward to the next one. 
See you there.
James P.

Posted on December 5, 2015 .