As I entered The Swan for our usual Tuesday night session I noticed a few people standing around looking slightly bewildered, the reason for this was, our ‘Leader’ was missing! Yes the genial Irishman with the winsome smile was nowhere to be seen.

Well we did not run around like headless chickens no, we started to organise ourselves into some kind of order to start the nights playing.

But when Graeme Morrell arrived it seemed he was privy to some ‘insider knowledge’

Brian Wylie was ‘moonlighting’ at some other gig with his partner in crime Mike Craig (Some people will do anything for money)

Anyway with ‘Second in command’ MC David now in charge the night proceeded as


A recently new band had arrived in the form of ‘Nixie, Dixie & Daure’ but cracks were already showing as Daure sat in the corner seemingly refusing to perform, musical differences? Possibly or just the feeling he was being left out or overshadowed. Well Nixie& Dixie did a fine version of Paolo Nutini’s ‘Candy’

This is a great song from his second CD ‘Sunny side up’ Second one was ‘Dust My Broom’ an Elmore James song. Good vocals with some nice blues licks.

John Daure was up now, flying solo with the Beatles ‘Maxwell’s Silver Hammer’ from Abbey road. This was the last album they recorded together, although ‘Let It Be’ came out last, after it had been shelved due to arguments. I love this song, John did well with the lyrics, which I think he did without a copy of the words?

Second one from Loudon Wainwright’s biggest fan was I think ‘Bill Masons Bride’ new to me but good all the same. The only song I possess from Loudon is ‘Black Uncle Remus’ a great song that takes me back to my childhood and my love for Brer Rabbit books.

Ps. John was sporting a new Resonator guitar, in standard tuning

Andy Brown up now with ‘The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down’ a Joan Baez classic written by a member of Dylan’s Band, then a Baez self penned song about Dylan. I think it was ‘Diamonds and Rust’ this was done in a nice and melancholic style.

Ps. He also played a Resonator in standard tuning.

James ‘strictly rhythm’ Porter up next with a couple of Bob Marley songs

‘Three Little Birds & No Woman No Cry’ Delivered OK I think?

Well I am always less nervous with a small crowd.

Graeme up now and being thoroughly Modern he did a recent number one song by Sam Smith ‘Stay With Me’ good song sung nicely, from a guy who recently won 4 Mobo Awards, Sam that is. The next song a comical one, surely chosen to cheer up J.Daure was one by Loudon again ‘The Swimming Song’


All musical differences seemingly now resolved we saw the return of ‘Nixie Dixie & Daure’ with Dylan’s ‘Like A Rolling Stone’ complete with Dylanesque vocals from J.Daure. Then the classic ‘Sweet Home Alabama’ Good Stuff!

Andy again with Neil Young’s ‘After The Gold Rush’ Top song, sung in his own inimitable style.

Andy did his own song next, I forgot to ask the title of this, but it had something to do with cowboys.

Graeme again with a Mike Absalom song ‘The Policeman’s Ball’ I don’t know him but he sounds good. Really suits Graeme as he gets into character for the vocals.

I checked him out online; he has the weirdest beard, Mike that is.

Instrumental next ‘Mississippi Blues’ Great!!

Me again, Playing it safe with a Hank Williams song ‘You Win Again’ then a John Lennon song that he wrote about leaving the music scene for a while

‘Watching the Wheels Go Round’ and it’s a song that suits me fine.

Encores or Last round  (Small crowd so extra songs)

The Trio again with Muddy Water’s ‘Hoochie Coochie Man’ composer W.Dixon

& Eric Clapton’s ‘Layla’ I prefer the acoustic version to electric.

Andy with The Plain White T’s ‘Delilah’ which is a great song then an Oasis song

Don’t Look Back In Anger’

Graeme: with a Dylan favourite ‘Girl From The North Country’ some say he pinched bits of this from Martin Carthy’s arrangement of Scarborough Fair. I like the version he did with Johnny Cash.

Then another Dylan favourite ‘You’re Gonna Make Me Lonesome When You Go’

My favourite version of this song is by Madeleine Peyroux – check it out!

Me last with ‘Cry To Me’ a popular song and a hit for Solomon Burke. Then the Stones song ‘You Can’t Always Get What You Want’ ably abetted by Graeme on Guitar and the above trio doing backing vocals even though they had their coats on and guitars in hand ready to go.

All in all a good night, we even had a small audience and I got a ‘thank you we enjoyed it’ from someone when I was leaving. (Definitely a first for me)

See you next time but one.

James P.

Posted on November 7, 2014 .