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Swan acoustic 17/9/13

A small number of us appeared through the door on Tuesday, and with Mr Wylie detained elsewhere it fell to me at the last minute to do the writing duties!
I think it's been about six months, so probably time for me to flex my blogging muscles again ... With the company assembled, pints in hand, we began.
As is traditional the blogger kicked off with Blarney Pilgrim/Garryowen, followed by Haste to the Wedding/Boys of Blue Hill. Boy did my arms ache after those!
I then asked Mr Graham Morrell to follow, which he did with a depressing- sorry, soulful!- John Hyatt number called "Hold on for Your Love" and by way of
contrast a jolly song by Rod Clements called "Morocco Bound". Graham explained that he was shortly to go to Portugal for a holiday (and was going to gaze at Morocco
from over the waters) and that song certainly gave the carefree spirit of one who is happily escaping work, stress and the country to go on their jollies. Have a lovely
time Graham and we'll see you in october.

Mr Larry Gibson then followed with Bob Dylan's classic "Just Like A Woman". (This was a great opportunity for the blogger to show her complete musical ignorance of
Mr. Dylan's work- I managed to claw back a little respectablity with the opinion that I liked "Mr Tambourine Man". Hey, I was only born in 1987!) and a song By Gillian Welch
called Revelator. Soulful and powerful stuff.

Our next act was duo Phil & Gerry (or Gerry & Phil, depending on which side of the album cover you looked at) who told me (shameless plug alert) that they have
an album out called "Winding Boy and Other Tall tales" (available now from gerryandphil.co.uk!). Gerry and Phil have both played as solo artists and in various bands and
have been playing together for about 3 years. They kicked off with a lively number called "Winding Boy Blues", whihc got our heads nodding and our feet tapping,
with Gerry on guitar and vocals and Phil on mandolin. They then played a couple of ragtime numbers called "Ted hawkins rag" (written, unsurprisingly, By Ted Hawkins) into
"Dill Pickle Rag", the writer of which none of us could recall at the time but google tells me was Charles L. Johnson. It has been covered by many artists
including Chet Atkins.

John Daure was next and not one to hold back on the subject matter of his songs he played "Dead Skunk in the middle of the road" by Loudon Wainwright and followed it with "The Doctor",
another Wainwright number. John tried to tell me that the title of the first song was "The RSPCA renaissance song"... and with all the dead animals in the lyrics I nearly believed him...
Great renditions and that was all from John for the evening, as he had to dash off.

James Porter was next and played two Hank Williams songs, Lonesome Blues and Honkey Tonk Blues, the latter being about a young farm boy who leaves his dad's farm for the
enticements of the city only to become disillusioned. Great songs and playing!

After a short beer break (and a chance for me to make sure I had spelled everyone's names correctly in my notes) we resumed with me playing two Irish trad songs, "Spanish Lady" into
"Wearing of the Green" and then a Disney song from The Lion King called "Be Prepared". The song is sung in the film by Jeremy Irons (who voiced Scar) and he does a damn good job
of it too! Graham followed with another Road Clements song "One more Night with You" and a Michael Chapman number called "The Twisted Road". Larry returned with Leonard Cohen's
"That Don't make it Junk" and another Dylan number "The Phantom Engineer". Gerry Cooper and Phil Snell (with Phil switching to guitar for this song) played "Chump man Blues"
by Blind Blake and another ragtime song, "She's a Truckin' Little Baby" by Blind Boy Fuller- really good, come back soon guys! James Porter finished off the night's music with "Natural
Man" by Carole King and "Wake Up little Sparrow" by Devendra Banhart- great stuff as always James. That was it for the evening and we headed home. See you all in October! -FW

Hope that's OK! Frances

Posted on September 22, 2013 .