Mix and Match

Well I wasn’t sure what the night was going to bring having missed the last Swan session, bur we bumped into Mike and Andee as we pulled into the carpark.

We were subsequently joined by Frances, Graeme, James and Chris Thompson. So rearranging the furniture and the audience sitting in the other room eagerly anticipating (as was the blogger) another interesting night of music and craic.

Shorty Wylie & Mike Craig.JPG

The Blogger and Mike were first up and having had a few rehearsals learning new material with a view to taking it on the road we had a captive audience and buoyed by previous comments had a nice set in mind for the evening. First up was the “Concertina Reel” with Mike on Bouzouki and Blogger on Mandolin, this flowed nicely into” The Blackthorn Stick & The Kesh Jig.” During Mikes spot Mike sang his version of the Civil Wars “Twenty Years” and “The Lovers Waltz” It has been said that Mike does a superior version of Twenty Years. “Billy O’shea and a tune “Gan Ainm” (gaelic for cant remember the name literal translation is “No Name” rounded off our combined efforts for the first half. The second half saw the duo tackle a new song from the pen of Bobby Watt “The girl I left behind” whereby Mike having only played it in the afternoon on guitar whilst the blogger sang was nice variant on my poor guitar work and singing. Rapidl earning a place in our small but burgeoning set list was a tune that we have called “The Westport Races” with Whistle and Guitar rounded our combined efforts on the night and watch out as swan Acoustic Session is the sound bite theatre for Craig and Wylie.

Frances was next up with her Harp, and this was to be her last appearance for a month we patiently awaited our fix for the month.Not to disappoint Frances launched into “Road to Lidoonvarna” and “Smash the Windows” certainly did not disappoint and as Frances herself stated pushed her technical ability successfully.In her second spot Frances gave us the “Boys of Ballisodare”, “Dublin Streets”and a Hornpipe “The Little Beggarman” Kath pointed out that the Stones and the Chieftains covered the first tune on their album Long Dark Veil. Suffice to say that Frances was sucessful in her cover of all three tunes. Have a nice break and we shall see you in September.

Our second harpist Andee was next up with her full size harp and gave us a beautiful air,”Lament for Limerick” and this led nicely into “Father o Flynn” and “McCalstroms March. Always a perfectionist who regularly berates herself for mistakes in her performance and tonight it was seamless and perfect and this boosted her into her second spot, where we had “Mist Covered Mountain” & “Cliffs of Moher” Rounding up her faultless set was the slow air version of “She Moved through the Fair” which led  seamlessly into “Coolies Hornpipe” Well done Andee.

Graeme & new Guitar.JPG

Graeme was next up and having recently taking up rehearsals with a trio, I was curious to see whether this impacted on his set. First up was a song performed by the blogger a while ago and successfully done by Graeme who leaves us all standing with his guitar dexterity. “And Jesus Wept” by Reg Meuross was followed by a new one on me “Fools Gold” a story about infidelity. Very Profound stuff for a Tuesday night in Addingham. Our night is not considered complete unless we have a Michael Chapman number and not to disappoint Graeme gave us “Blue Season” which initiated some ribald comments of a pornographic nature. Some People!! To finish his set Graeme then continued this sec vein with the big “O”………………….. no not ORGASM but Roy Orbison and “Crying” something I have been led to believe happens to females after the former. I think that is due to the relieve that it has actually happened, anyway this is digressing and detracting from a very polished effort from Graeme. Excellent as always.

James(the human Jukebox) was next up and gave us an old Standard “In the Jailhouse now” before another country classic from Hank Williams in the shape of “I cant help it if I’m still in love with you” Always a pleasure James and your encyclopedic memory of songs never ceases to amaze us.

Chris Thompson was next up after a brief absence and resplendent in his new “Little Taylor” John Martyns “May you Never” closely followed by a former duet that he did with his daughter Lyndsey “Autumn Leaves” Excelent stuff Chris and I know you will be absent for the next one so see you in September.

The Dingham Blues Men.JPG

We then finished the night off with a Jam Session and suitably sated we headed home. Once again Thanks to our Impresario David for coordinating the night.

We will only be at The Swan on the Sixth of August and having a break until the first Tuesday in September. Thanks to Ian and Nicci and the staff at the Swan for their continued support of SWAN ACOUSTIC SESSION.


Posted on July 18, 2013 .