The Three Musiceers

After the two busiest nights we have ever had at SAS it was perhaps surprising to find that upon entering the room tonight there was one more Master of Ceremonies than artists! MC Dave was safely ensconced by the fire and utterly alone. The AWOL list was discussed over a pint:

Our resident opening act, accompanier to the masses, website commander, general Mr Fixit and (for some strange reason that we are all trying to fathom out) Bradford City fan, Captain Birdseye was cheering his team on to another glorious defeat. I really don't know why he goes to Valley Parade on SAS night as they invariably seem to lose when he does. I would imagine that Kath could have made a new duvet with the feathers that Brian spat out when the referee gave that penalty.

No doubt Larry was still recovering from the exertion of writing the last (very cultured I thought) blog - or maybe he just picked up his new Collings (the one that we are all waiting to see at SAS) and couldn't put it down! Perhaps his co-star in the Gibson Brothers, Adrian, rang to enquire about his lift, wondering if he had got the wrong night - no Adrian, he was just lost in a world of his own with his new acquisition.

The above is of course pure speculation, but what we do know is that the 'dingham Hillbillies were not there tonight due to one half, JD (the one with the winkle pickers, long hair and Loudon Wainwright III obsession), sailing a boat round some exotic islands (yes, I think I might swap a night at SAS for that!). The other half, JN (more of a Doc Martin man (shoes not the Martin Clunes type), I think there is the odd tuft of hair under that woollen hat - see pic on blog last week) was obviously taking the opportunity to spend an evening working out how to spend his pension.

So as we were sitting there wondering where everyone was (just blogger and MC Dave, not even a single flute or harp) in walked a blast from the past in the form of Paul Duff. Paul just happened to be in the Ilkley area and thought he would pop in to show his face. The three of us had a drink and a chat about all sorts (but mainly the health service) after which it was agreed that it would be a shame to go to a musical evening and not have any music. Paul got the pub guitar down off the wall, we had a couple of blues jams and then we played about three songs each. Paul's songs were written by Paul and were very good. My songs were written by myself (with a little help from the likes of Michael Chapman and John Hiatt).

And that was it. A relatively early, but most enjoyable all the same, night despite the lack of numbers. Next SAS is on Tuesday May 7th - and I won't have to do the blog!!

Graeme M

Posted on April 20, 2013 .