Well here we have it Swan Acoustic Session sinks to a new low. It makes me very sad to have to report that an attempt has been made to influence the outcome of our Blog. This sad individual who we shall call John D (name changed) has sunk to trying to bribe the blogger with……….wait for it…………… a PORK PIE!  This innocuous meal was heartily partaken at the time with relish and it has to be said was the best pork pie I have ever tasted however, had I have known that it came with such a hefty price well…….. who knows!

I feel the need to declare for future reference that it would take more than a Pork Pie to influence this blogger, but would also like to take the opportunity to point out that had it have been a pint of Saltaire Blonde, well the outcome might, just might have been different. I hope this miscreant whoever he is is hanging his head in shame at this moment, there is a blessing that his sidekick lets call him John as well was not here to witness this sad day.

Anyway The Blog.

With a small group of Musos and a spattering of listeners the blogger kicked off tonights session with a Jon Allen song “Joanna” and a Gerry Marsden number (Gerry and the Pacemakers who apparently wrote this song, recorded it and sent it to his wife to be after a break up) “Don’t Let The Sun Catch you crying”. The second half had the poignant number “ a song about Ireland where “Only Our Rivers Run Free” before rounding off the spot with a capo’d up version of “The Continental Ceili”.

Frances White was up next and whilst the blogger was sorting his paper and pen out, Frances started her medley leaving me stranded at the bar. Missing her introduction meant that Frances had to fill in the blanks on my paper. At least it will be right! An excellent medley ensued containing “The Blarney Pilgrim” & “Merrily Kiss The Quaker” followed immediately with “Road To Lisdoonvarna” & “Smash The Windows” A smooth transition if ever there was one. Great stuff Frances.

Pam Johnson was next up with her oft admired “Baby Martin” which caused Kath to have a wry smile on her face!!(Ask her to Explain!) John D who is not to be confused with the aforementioned John D in the opening paragraph and whose name is purely conincidental, was casting lustful looks at this fine instrument. “Am I too Blue For You” by Lucinda Williams & “Wild and Blue” by Jon Anderson were Pams opening songs which were great and then in the second half we had a Mary Gauthier number, those that know Pam will understand that she does a few of Mary’s numbers to the admiration of our happy band “Long Way to Fall” was followed by a new one on the blogger. “Calm Before The Storm” by Eliza Gilkyson. However it is spelt it was a crackin spot for Pam.


At The Swan no expense is ever spared or indeed spent but tonight at no cost at all we welcomed the return of our errant wordsmith Mr Ian Wingate. Who due to the fantastic sale of his published works is now living in sunny Italy, however due to the large amounts of tax he would have to pay upon his return to this country, he was on a flying 72 hour pass.

Ian Whingate.JPG

Ian was coerced into a performance and unfortunately due no doubt to jet lag/age tiredness/booze managed to forget the words to his famous song “Stringvestite” Unfortunately as we were keeping our signed copies of his works in pristine condition the assembled throng were unable to help him out. “I’m A Beleiver” was his next effort and as the audience went into overdrive through the chorus, Ian realised that he had forgotten those words as well. Sorry we press ganged you Ian I promise to bring my copy of your collected poems next time you are over Ciao!

Mike Craig and Blogger had a dabble at some stuff we are currently working on, “Pines are Dancing” an A A Bondi number was first up which really suits Mike’s voice and in tribute to Ian Mike sang a Tom Wait’s number “Come On Up To The House” an audience participation number. In the second half we had one for our MC, David as Richard Thompsons song “Vincent Black Lightening” rang out round the room there was a debate on whether there actually was a key in said motorcycle. Mike rounded up with another song that has been given the Mike Treatment and accompanied by the blogger “20 Years by The Civil Wars rounded off his spot. Well done Mike as per.

Andy Brown.JPG

Andy Brown was next up in our band of musos tonight, “Fire & Rain” a seventies classic given the Andy treatment (laid back) before slipping gently into another classic “Many Rivers to Cross”. Andy also writes his own stuff and explained to us that during the Thatcher years and the famous “Winter of Discontent” He wrote a song unfortunately it was titled “Long Hot Summer” but he did manage to get the aforementioned Winter into the song. Andy finished his spot with a flourish as Newton Faulkners “Dream Catcher” rang around the room, prompting Kath to state it sounded like a Joni Mitchell number! Not sure whether she meant Andy’s voice or the timbre of the song? Well Done Andy.


A new face next a young lady who had been sat listening to us all went to her car and brought in a lovely Yamaha guitar. Max as we discovered was a bit of a songwriter and as JD pointed out LOUDLY she had something that we all wanted……………….. someone to clean the instrument before playing as one of Max’s friends cleaned her guitar before she launched into  Bob Dylans “Make You Feel My Love” due to her watching the first half to find her feet and our level Max could only give us one other song, but what a song . A self penned number “I’m Doing Fine” An excellent spot Max and please come back.

John Daure.JPG

John Daure next and what can we say? He would be at a loss if it were not for Louden Wainright the III. His first number had a lot of names but I think we settled on “Unrequited to the Nth Degree” & “Funeral for a Friend” not to be seen as a one trick pony John then showed his diversity as he gave an excellent version of Kris Kristofferson’s “Bobby McGhee” before rounding his spot off with “Bill Masons On Tonight” another Loudon song. Well done JD I have to point out that Kath was singing your praises regarding your increasing  ability to mimic Loudon and that you’re playing has come on in leaps and bounds. So Swan Acoustic has served thee well.

That’s all for now and hopefully we can put the sordid affair re the bribery behind us until…………….next tme Hint Hint BCW


Posted on October 5, 2013 .