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Well it was nice to see the fire lit for the first time this autumn and as the foooty fans settled in the snug to watch the England V Poland game an intrepid bunch gathered for our fortnightly session. There were a few new faces tonight and it is always a pleasure to welcome new young talent. I had already had text messages from Mike and Graeme with their apologies so wasn’t sure who or what to expect tonight.

A New song from the Blogger tonight as “Donegal Danny raucously echoed around the room. In the absence of aforementioned personnel I had taken the liberty of sneaking a BANJO un-noticed into the pub in a rather harmless looking case. I seized the opportunity whilst the audience were still applauding the first song to get it out so to speak. “The Masons Apron” was rattled off at a fair lick and I hastily returned it to its box in case someone of my so called friends and colleagues thought it was FIREWOOD! With November looming I thought I would reflect with a lovely song about a young Irish recruit in the First World War, “John Condon” a sad tale of a young man who left Ireland for Britain only to die in the trenches in polcappelle. As a result of JD’s absence I was going to save this one but decided to do “Maids When You’re Young” what do you do? Never wed an old man! That’s what.

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Brian Rhodes was welcomed back and our itinerant guitar aficionado didn’t disappoint, as a recently worked out version of Ed Sheerans’ “Small Bump was followed by a 1920’s song known by everyone but definitely given the Mr Rhodes treatment that made it burst forth with voice anew. “The House of the Rising Sun” sounded so refreshed done in this way(sorry you weren’t there well you will never know what you missed) David Gray was the next to receive th Mr Rhodes treatment as “Easy way to Cry” resounded around the room and to finish off what better than Snow Patrol’s “Crack the Shutters” Brians laconic style belies a voluminous amount of talent. Well Done Brian.

Frances White was next up and replete with a new strap attempted a stand up tune, sadly this turned out to be harder than first thought , but it looked real cool.So now seated Fran launched into a tune set that had me racking my brains for the title and it was…………………. “Merrily Kiss The Quaker” That’s the one! This was followed by a version of “Moondance” not I hasten to point out the Van Morrison Version but a unigue harp tune although Fran herself was not happy with its performance. In the second spot we has a Disney medley with “Once upon a Dream” from Sleeping Beauty and “Just around the River” from Pocahontas. We then revisited a more determined “Moondance and this Time the grit and determination resulted in a cracking version . Well done Fran and her resident Roadie whose name I sadly have forgotten but whom ably supports her.

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Jess White was next up and had brought an interesting group of friends one of whom we shall shortly be hearing about. Jess unfortunately decided to do a song, I say unfortunately as it was one I had earmarked for later however having heard This version by Jess ably assisted by Joe I rather think the audience definitely got the better deal. It sounded great with the second guitar. The Who were next to get the White treatment and I sat amazed as he managed to play a combination of Bass and Guitar as well as Tenor and Soprano voices. Brill! Jess rounded up his performance tonight with an Iggy Pop number “Gimme Danger” but without the screams at the end. Thanks Jess and well done.

The Aforementioned Joe Hill now took his spot and freed from the constraints of accompaniment launched into a beautiful version of Queens of the stone ages “Mosquito song” and then straight into “Trains” by Porcupine Tree. Sadly there was no more from Joe but methinks this lad is one to watch he has a laid back style that belies a lot of talent and a great voice.

James Porter had dropped in as per straight from work. A Reworked version of Bob Marley’s “Waiting in Vain” was followed immediately by a version of “Tramps and Hawkers” that has that fantastic line “Urquhart’s Furry Glen” and then James AKA The Human Jukebox rounded off his spot with Richard Thompsons “Beeswing” and  Gallagher and Lyle’s  “Stay Young” which had the aundience singing along. Well done James as usual a few rabbits from the hat.

We weren’t finished, as an Irish gentleman who had been sitting next to me co=opted me into joining him in an accapella version of “Black Velvet Band” and to both our amaxement we virtually sang the same version. People who know this song will be aware of its 100’s of variants and with Peter’s fine voice and my guttural strangulation we rattled it off good and proper. It was like being at home and would have brought a tear to a glass eye. Well done Peter and make sure you come back!!

That’s all for this week see you in November on Bonfire night. BCW


Posted on October 17, 2013 .