Lets Go oop North!

Well what can I say, it seemed like an age since we stepped through the portals of The Swan in Addingham for our fortnightly music fest. After the usual beratings for not being there we settled in the corner to await which folk would turn up, and lo! Two Southern Belles came sauntering through the door like bloodhounds on a trail these two well-travelled ladies has sought us out on the T’interweb and forsook the Punchbowl at Silsden for a night at the Swan. Well better luck next time eh!!

Liz Cannon and Sue Eyers were staying at Ingleton and were from Dahn Saff in a little place called Mersea Island…………………………. Nope I hadn’t heard of it either but apparently they have a similar set up down there so Sue and Liz thought they would try their luck. As the rest of our merry band trooped in they soon became aware that “The Craic” is always mighty at The Swan as one ribald comment after another ricocheted around the room as both Johns, Kath, Andee, Mike and Deborah (nice to see you again) Masterson seated themselves along with Sue and Liz to see what unfolded .

First up was the Blogger, with a very apt song in “Trouble” by his favourite band Horslips and from the sublime to the ridiculous a Rabbie burns number “Banks and Braes” the night could only get better.John Nixon was next up after clambering down the steps of J’Ds apparently very high Range Rover like an old man lit the room up with an excellent rendition of the Nottinghillbillies “Feel like going home” bit early for that for gods sake, as Statler and Waldorf normally have to be home for their medication They were given the opportunity to do an extra number in the first set. John then duly obliged with Tom Petty’s “I Wont Back Down” before rounding off with Paul Weller’s “Brand New Start” thus setting the bar for Mr J(just call me Loudon) Daure II who was next up. John has a penchant for gadgets(like myself) I mean his pacemaker,artificial hip, hair transplant, he really is the $6000 man. He had earlier stated that this was to be a Loudon Wainwright night and didn’t disappoint and with his trusty Ipad, which we all thought was his etch-a-sketch launched into “Hard day on the planet” a reflection on Johns week as he is having to put a full days work in whilst his partner is on holiday. This was followed by………… another Loudon number”Double Lifetime” extolling the virtues of a twice round the block existence…… I am saying nothing!!!!! JD then rounded up his first spot with Primrose Hill and finished to rapturous applause due to everyone trying to get his Ipad to fall of its precarious perch on the music stand…. Failed! Joking apart Well done John you seem to have found a niche replicating the great Loudon’s vast library of songs.

Mike Craig(now known as( Allergy) was welcomed up by our MC David Brimacombe ans pricked our ears up with a great rendition of a previously unheard of (by the blogger) Steve Earle song “The Mountain” before looking swiftly around the room to ensure that Rob hadn’t sneaked in finishing off with “Sweet Carolina” Excellent stuff as always Mike and more to come later.

The Lovely Andee was next aka our “culture Spot” seated behind her harp Andee played a tune for the blogger “The downfall of Paris” a tune all of my mandolin pupils learned to fear as it was drummed into them night after night. It sounded somewhat more ethereal played as Andee did on the harp, this was followed by a lovely tune called “Ashokan Farewell” brilliant as always Andee and yes the harp sounded really sweet on the wooden floor.

A Welcome return to The Swan for Deborah Masterson BA who had arranged to visit us tonight. Deborah sings unaccompanied, and started her set off with the moving “She Moved through the Fair” a great trad song done beautifully. Deborah then rounded off with a little Jazz number “Lover Man” done in fine style. Sadly Debs had to leave shortly after so there was no follow up. So ! don’t leave it so long next time!!

The aforementioned Liz and Sue were next up to close the first half, with guitar and mandolin and another first for the Swan a concert flute. Having admitted to finding a performance set up rather than the sing-a-round they were more used to down Saff! They launched into “Aint Misbehavin” with a smooth ease. This was followed by a Johnny Cash number, a song apparently from a womans perspective from the mighty man in black entitled “Let the Train blow the Whistle” with a fine imitation at the end of aforesaid train whistle from Liz. Excellent stuff Ladies and thank you for making the 45 min journey from Ingleton and more to come in the second half.

Blogger again kicked off the second half with a self penned song “Famine” about the Mayo famine in 1840’s followed by Rod Stewarts “I was only Joking” which I felt he had written for me> As I was performing I couldn’t make my notes however some kindly angel left a comment on my sheet which it seems only right to transfer verbatim ”Absolutely brilliant-unsurpassed! Thought it was Rod but there was no hair” unquote. This person though anonymous obviously has taste……. (Thanks Kath X)

John Nixon was next up and though I thought that previous performance might have rocked him sallied forth with a repast “Is she really going out with him?” yea yea very apt! John rounded off his night with an Animals song “We Gotta get out of this place” which I suspect was a coded message for JD. As he was next up it failed but both songs were fantastic with that famous drawl N.B Johns band Valkyrie are playing the Swan on Saturday…. Be There!

John D next sans banjo but played like the banjo on a guitar, no mean feat but masterfully done. Another Loudon number “High, Wide and Handsome” and as stated on the night 1 out of 3 aint bad. Well done JD and your stamina must be improving “Work is the cure all” JD then rounded off his spot with “Bill Mason’s Bride” and with his Ipad tucked under his arm sauntered back to his frothy pint. Great stuff JD. (The music not the pint) (Sorry Ian the pint was great as well)

Mike Craig returned and retuned ready for his next number and together with the Blogger did “I courted a wee girl” and it is a moving tune excellently done by Mike! He then finished off with a Flying Burritos number”My Uncle” a great finish.

Andee then took centre stage and played a slow air “Soft , Mild , Morning” which led onto “Her long golden hair was hanging down her back” which probably translates better in gaelige She then rounded ioff her night with another lovely Air “Song of the Books” a very sopmorphic tune played with emotion. Crackin!

Liz and Sue then prepared to round up the night and their first visit (hopefully not their last) to The Swan acoustic session in Addingham Sue on Flute/mandolin and Liz on guitar and vocals finished a lovely night off with a Christy Moore song “Ride On” before leading us on a sing song with “He’s in the jailhouse now” which brought our evening to a more than satisfactory close. Thank you everyone for turning up,Sue and Liz for their excellent effort to seek us out and their performance, to uncle David for his sterling efforts to Ian for the ales and to all reading this come along experience and enjoy “LETS KEEP IT LIVE”

PS Valkyrie at THE SWAN 30/06/12

Posted on June 27, 2012 .