Quality not Quantity!

Prologue:sorry we wern't at Swan Acoustic session but sadly it clashed with the Chieftains Gig. BCW.

I don’t know if it was the change of date due to the extra Jubilee Holiday or the attraction of Netherlands v Germany but things were pretty quiet at SAS when I walked in. Brian Rhodes, Chris Thompson and Nigel Smith (yes I did say Nigel Smith – remember him?!) had settled in the small room and were having a general chit-chat about this and that. We eventually decided that there was no point bringing our guitars all this way (come to think of it, it was only Brian & I that brought them as Nigel had purloined the pub guitar and Chris was borrowing anything he could get his hands on) so we took turns to play a song and kept on going round until we thought it was time to depart.

We were joined by James the Juke (who also didn’t bring a guitar) half way through the evening. We also had a lone audience member who joined us for a while until we bored him with our discussion about new and vintage guitars.

Due to the informality of the occasion no one was appointed official blogger and no notes were taken but I decided it might be an idea to briefly let the rest of you know what had happened (ulterior motive – next time I can say I am not doing the blog because I did it last time!).

Brian sang a David Gray song (of course) and many others that I can’t remember but were very good, Chris sang some songs that I also can’t remember but were also very good (especially the one he wrote in 20 minutes that morning), Nigel Smith sang …… – no I’m not going to tell you will have to guess and you will probably be right!. James sang Strawberry Fields (along with everyone else) and another couple of songs. I did some MC and I think something else (to be honest I can’t even remember what I did!).

All in all a bit of a disappointment in terms of quantity of partakers but a fun evening all the same.

Note to Brian W – it might be worth checking how many are coming next week as it is the England match. I know I will not be there on 19th June (nor the 3rd July) so see you all on 17th July.

Graeme M

Posted on June 18, 2012 .