GHOSTS, GHOULIES and things that go bump in the night.



Well a roaring fire greeted us as we rolled into the Swan from the empty carpark, was this a sign of things to come? Unfortunately I left my phone at home and had no knowledge of any errant stayaways. However one by one a half dozen muso’s arrived and as we sat around the fire chatting time marched on, so buoyed by the heat of the fire we started. Chris Thompson having rattled through some old material at home(No he was into dressmaking!) some old music that he and his sparring partner Ian(I belong to Sunderland) broke with tradition and commenced the nights entertainment. Chris gave us a fine rendition of “Bell Book and Candle” a la Eddie Reader who actually wrote it as opposed to the comedy and stage show of the same name with just a dash of Boo Hewerdine who also covered it. Chris then gathered himself for a blast from the past a song by Richard Thompson “Persuasion” that he used to do with aforementioned Ian(see not here and still gets a mention on the blog) Although Chris mentioned he used to just do the twiddly bits, we thought he did a great version of a great the second Half Chris gave us an instantly recognisable intro to Van The Mans “Warm Love” whose Sax Player Pee Wee Ellis gave me my first ever Saxophone lesson! Before rounding off his spot with a self penned song  I called it “Yesterday” but he called it the “Retirement “song all I know is that Kath took umbrage! Not at the song just the message. Well Done Chris and a shame we couldn’t get Lindsay to join you.

Blogger was up next and struggled tonight to find suitable material as was so tired nearly didn’t turn out (but was ultimately glad that he did) “Only our Rivers” was first followed by a first for Brian a WHOLE song played with a plectrum(Where were you Mike?)Ivan Drevers “If you took your Love Away” which Ivor wanted to submit as Orkneys entry to Eurovision. In the second half Sublime or Ridiculous was the Question ? Ridiculous was the answer so out came the butt of every joke in music circles “The Banjo” followers off the blog will be aware that this was inherited from a sadly departed friends kind family and Master Luthier Steve Agnew very kindly turned it L/H for me. Sadly lack of practice meant that my two tunes were blundered into “Maid behind the Bar “ and “St Annes Reel” before rounding off with Steve Forberts “It doesn’t have to be that way” Steve is an American singer songwriter from Early eighties.

Chris Patrick was next, and now establishing himself as a regular visitor admitted to being in morose mood commenced his set with an obvious cathartic song “Someone to Remember” (Chris apologised beforehand re its length……..THE SONG THAT IS!!!) It was full of angst and emotion and delivered as only the song writer could Excellent Chris.”Painting Faint Memories” was his next offering and even with his finger damaged a fine finger picking was in evidence. We then got embroiled in “Remorseless Morose” discussion to the point that I put that down as his next song title"if you knew my love" it was (Thanks Chris) but Chris definitely finished with a flourish with “Til the cows come home” well done Chris and that finger is not a hinderance!

Brian Rhodes (Cheeky Chappy)see last weeks blog. Was next and as an aficionado of David Gray there was no surprise that his first offering was indeed a rejigged version of Gray’s “The One I love” rejigged because there was a C.R.A.F.T moment as lines became confused but like the consummate player he is there was a pause and away we went with gusto. Brian then asked for some singing as The Eagles “Peaceful Easy Feeling” rang round the room with everyone joining in the chorus. Brian has the knack of making every thing seem so easy, and in the second half gave us to lovely instrumentals that have been named by the blogger Gan  Ainm#1 and GanAinm#2(Irish for no name) Excellent stuff again Brian and nice to see you making our night.

A surprise for everyone next not least Kath!! As she heard her name called as the next artist.

Unrehearsed or not Kath gave us “Motherland” by Natalie Merchant and a totally unrehearsed version of “Ride on” an Irish Classic delivered with aplomb, assisted?? By the blogger on guitar. Tanita Tickram’s Good Tradition was Kaths last input of the night and sparked a where is she now question Tanita that is not Kath. Thanks Kath and no excuse now for not being on the list regularly!!

Graeme MC Morrell was our final exponent of this wonderful guitar world, and threw me by starting with TWO unrelated songs……………first was a Julie Matthews song (Julie and Chris While) are well worth seeing if you get a chance. “Blue songs on a Red Guitar” which unfortunately were done on a Collings!!Humph but hey ho this was masterful stuff anyway. Followed by “The Devil in Me” about the Demonic Drink???????”  Free Fallin” a la Tom petty minus the band Drums ,Electric guitars and Tom but you get the drift! Was joined in by everyone, and wait for it a MC song “Fully Qualified Survivor” and the the End……………………………………………….. err ………………………………………….no Blogger wanted a final round up with everyone so we did” Saw her  standing there” and “Working at the Car Wash Blues” and finished the night off with “Bad Leroy Brown” Well done Graeme and everyone.

See you all the second week in JUNE!         



Posted on May 16, 2012 .