This evening had all the hallmarks of being a quiet night as Pam wasn’t coming, I hadn’t heard from Mike, and I knew John or as he is now known as Phillip (fillup) was on his way to Spain. So we opened the door of The Swan and there was a Birthday party around the fire, not wishing to intrude we encamped over by the window and waited………………………….

We didn’t have to wait to long as a newcomer was next in Brian Rhodes, (you see John your worst nightmare TWO Brians. After the introductions we sat and waited and sure enough Ten musicians turned up including Mr Ian( news of my death are somewhat exaggerated  ) Pucknall…. Welcome Back Ian and a Big Hello to Brian.

Blogger got the night off as always and as I like to leave the bar low started with nothing that I intended having studied my songbook on the way over, it was discarded in favour of Christy Moores’ “The Contender” followed by Jack Savorettis’ “Dr Frankenstein” Modesty prevents me from stating how fantastic it was (or at least I thought it was). Next up was the first of our double acts Larry and Adrian aka “The Gibson Brothers” and although I was already drooling at what may come from his Bobships hand. They decided to go for Robbie Robertsons “The Weight” the chorus of which always raises a wry smile. The dynamic duo then headed into Drifters quarter with a fine rendition of “Under the Boardwalk complete with Harmonies. Great stuff and a precursor to what was to come later.

James Porter next and having come in early for a change and resplendent with guitar under his arm automatically moved up the line-up (James did point out that he was up at 4am to get to work so as he could attend Swan Acoustic. Now that is dedication!!!. James started with a Gerswin number from Porgie and Bess “Summertime” a slightly different interpretation of this classic but done as only James can,With Style. James then took us to Jamaica for his next offering with Bob Marleys’ “No Woman No Cry” AND he played with a Capo!(I blame that Mike Craig and Gizmo)

Our New comer was next up Mr Brian Rhodes who had previously informed us he last played in Addingham about 30 Years ago and now felt safe to return albeit after some plastic surgery and a name change (Sorry Fred your secret is safe with me). Brian although a tad nervous gave us a great version of Donovans “Catch the Wind” and then proceeded to enthral the blogger with a cracking song unheard of by me The Script’s “Going back to the Corner” what a great start for this new /old face, and more to come. Len Harvey mad a tentative entrance this evening and although Len hadn’t been around for a while stated that he felt he may have lost his Mojo? Well……………….

After listening to Tom Paxtons “Hold onto Me Babe” and John Prines “Souveniers” (I have to say that this was a favourite of my dear departed friend Dave Crolla) I closed my eyes and let the song take me to numerous pubs and clubs where the aforementioned Dave and Kath and myself had been. Thanks for the Memories Len and believe me you haven’t lost your Mojo! (Sadly Len had to miss the second spot)

Graeme Morrell next up and safe in the knowledge that he wasn’t having to do the blog relaxed into “Hurt” a la Nine Inch Nails and twas as good a version as Nigel’s but played on a Colling! Graeme then returned to his roots with a Michael Chapman number (more about this later in the second spot) “Theme from the movie of the same Name” was I believe the title. Now that this new guitar has settled into his hands an excellent spot Graeme. Our penultimate spot tonight was for Father and daughter pairing of Chris and Lindsay Thompson. Now that Ian has moved up to Sunderland this new duo on the block is more than capable of replacing the old sparring partner.

A Natalie Imbruglia(Thanks Brian for the info) number “Torn” with Lindsay on vocals and Chris on Guitar was greatly appreciated by the throng and prompted a few heads to come round the door from the snug. An Eva Cassidy number next as “Fallen Leaves” cascaded around the room as Lindsays voice blended with Chris’s guitar, Sublime and lovely.

The return of Ian Pucknall sans Babs was  acknowledged as he informed us that Babs was in Malaysia harvesting rice I think, well she had to be doing something like that to pay for his New GUITAR! A Martin no less (He states he went for a Guild and came back with a Martin) I don’t think Kath would wear that one, Ian as he closed a perfect end to the first half. Welcome back King Puck!

The second half continued with Jim Croce ‘s “Lovers Cross and a 60s favourite of the blogger “Don’t let the Sun Catch You Crying” Blogger done.

Adrian And Larry returned with a Leonard Cohen “Amen” done with such aplomb and as larry said only Leonard can get away with such lyrics. Nuff said. A rendition of his Bobships “One more cup of Coffee” rounded off perfectly the dynamic duos offering tonight(nice to see you back Adrian and in fine form) More of the Gibson brothers soon please!

James returned  with a self penned number “Sunshine and Rain” excellent James, before offering a quandary for any male singer “You Make Me Feel Like a Natural Woman a la Carole King. You had to be there to see how he got round that one. Well done James. Brian (Rhodes) returned and started his second spot with a David Gray number “Sail away with me” and as JD wasn’t there gave a great version of an LWiii number “Delaware”(if that is wrong please let me know).

Great stuff Brian, and as you are now local we expect to see more of you!

Graeme next with a little anecdote that was misconstrued by ALL in the room, apparently Michael Chapman was playing at Korks last week and stayed over at Graemes………….. heres the rub………apparently Graeme had a little play with Michael and Wrecked um…. At least that what we heard. However he was introducing an MC number entitled”Wrecked again” before finishing with twisted road by one and the same(methinks he will choose his words more wisely next time Hee Hee) Chris was next as the penultimate performer with a Jon Martyn(R.I.P) number “May you Never” a long time favourite of mine. And a John Mayer number”Comfortable” excellent stuff Chris. It fell to King Puck to Finish the night and Ian did us proud with a Guy Clark Number “Dallas Whore” and he even had him die in the right verse this time(last time we buried him before he died) before rounding off nicely with “I cant remember if We Said Goodbye” and I think we all did as we sauntered off into the night stars a twinkling and headed home Satiated with every musical genre we would need. Until next time peeps (May 1st) BCW

Posted on April 18, 2012 .