Touche My Friends Touche!!!!!!

Well who would have thought it, We turn up slightly late after a brief visit to Peter Barton our resident Luthier, (check out last months acoustic magazine for his rave review) and what happens? I get hung by my own petard (painful that) “The next person through the door is doing the blog” cried Graeme. As the first to clap eyes on me he hit me with one of my own retorts. Touche Graeme.


Any way on with the show, there was a motley gaggle of musicians in the room and with our host David we cracked on once my throat was lubricated with a bit of blonde witch or equivalent. Blogger up first with a song I heard from the dear departed Dave Crolla R.I.P “Isle of Hope, Isle of Tears” a song about Annie Moore who was the first person through Ellis island, when it opened to let the emigrants through to the U.S. A poor 15 year old. How brave and how daunting that must have been. The news that day was of the 6 Yorkshire soldiers repatriated, so it was apt that “John Condon” was my next offering. A sad story of another teen who fell in the Great War (strange title that!!)  a hundred years on and the best are still being laid to rest.


Larry and Adrian were next up and an opportunity for the mood to lighten? Sadly they both decided that a Leonard Cohen number  was due and therefore we had a laid back (as only Larry and Adrian can) version of “Banjo” This was a first for Swan and for me as I never ever thought I would hear a song with a reference about a “Banjo” (see what you missed JD) An Elton John and Bernie Taupin song was next as we were treat to “Your song” another first, be still my beating heart WAIT not yet!! Keep going Keep Going.  A new face to Swan but an old friend was next up Tony Walker who had brought his flute but was probably expecting a  “Seisun” as Gaelige! But instead had to perform on his own and as stated hadn’t played for a number of years. “Xmas Eve “ was the tune and rusty though he was it was an excellent effort. Well done Tony it may not have been what you were used to but you did it!

Last weeks Blogger up next Chris Patrick, who I missed the last time and had vanished off the radar for some time, so it was nice to see him back in the saddle. “With Loves Help” a self penned song he was asked to write for a local church. Excellent stuff  and thought provoking as always. His second song was from the archives and although he thinks I am taking the Michael by requesting the titles, it is not always apparent to me what the song was called. This time it was what it was “Sometime Back” Well done Chris and welcome back!


Michael Chapman……….. so sorry Graeme Morrell was next up and having put one over on me re the blog, didn’t do a MC number but went for an Al Stewart one instead “I’m Falling” and this was followed by a Big Bill Broonzy number( I hope I got that right) Brown, Black and White, isn’t that a Black and  Tan (Guinness and bitter for the heathens out there) Excellent Graeme but what about MC?

Rob and Caroline were next up and after a bit of debate settled on “My Sweet Carolina” crackin harmonies and then “This is the last country song” I don’t think so!!!! A short emission ensued and then it was on with the show.


Now that the maudling mood was spent it was Jon Allens’s “Joanna” that kicked off the second half followed by an old sixties number sang by an old fifties number “Don’t let the sun catch you crying” by Gerry and the pacemakers and Brian.

Larry and Adrian complete with harmonica were next up and it was his bobships time for an airing as Mr Robert Zimmermans  “Feel My Love” was followed by John Prine’s “Angel from Montgomery” at this point I must add I really do prefer watching Bonnie Raitts version but hey this was good!!

Tony Walker now that the shock of having to perform solo had subsided entertained us further with “Kinnegad Jig” and “The Kesh Jig” before having to leave early. Now you know what to expect please come and see us again Tony.

Graeme now realising that there was no MC so far decided to do not one but two MC numbers to acquiesce the god that is Michael Chapman. Unfortunately the first tune had no Name! The second however led into “It aint So” Excellent stuffas always Graeme and sorry we all missed BBC 4 prog  which had  Michael featured.

Rob and Caroline up again, this time it was a Gram Parson number “Sin City” a favourite of the Blogger, and Dolly Partons “Do I ever Cross your mind” in Pick a key as there ensued a healthy debate on where it was pitched, which was going to have only one winner as Caroline sings it!!! Great stuff.

The human ipod Mr James Porter had snesked in during the break and was asked to finish the night and gave us John Lennons “Imagine” and followed this with a Joni Mitchell number “Woodstock”. Realising we still had some time to play with Rob invited the blogger to do “The gulf of Mexico” a great song by Steve Earle and then to definitely finish the night off Larry and the blogger combined to do “Just Little Tom Thumb Blues” a la Mr Zimmerman I believe and so to bed. See you ALL in a fortnight BCW

Posted on March 21, 2012 .